Thanksgiving , ROUND 1

This year, we tried something different. Actual Thanksgiving day with my mom's side of the family, and then today, Friday with my dad's side of the family. But in this post, I am going to tell you about Round 1, Thanksgiving.
So, first thing that we did was make the turkey craft. My mom and grandma were baking and cooking all morning. I wanted to do a craft with Isabelle. (Instructions on craft in previous post). They turned out so cute and I was really proud of my design. I designed the craft after a couple of ideas from Pinterest.
After we finished the craft, we cleaned up. I had a cute photography idea. I gathered up all the leaves we didn't use, took Isabelle outside and had her throw them in the air. I quickly snapped a picture as they fluttered down, so it looks like it is raining leaves. I was really proud of this photography idea.
She is such a cutie. We went back inside the house, and everything smelled delicious. Mom made mashed sweet potatoes with a sinful, delicious topping. They were very sweet and delectable.
I made a pumpkin cake on Wednesday night, and it tasted delicious. 
And Grandma was putting the glaze on the ham. We never have turkey over here, but that's alright, because we are going to have turkey today at my other grandma's house. I like an assortment of meats.
The ham is always so good.
We also had one of my favorites, Green Bean Casserole with French Fried Onions. SO YUM.
We also had Juliene Potatoes and Hawaiin Sweet roles with our dinner. I didn't take a picture of those, because I didn't know where they were. 
My Great-Grandpa Kirby came to the Thanksgiving celebration. I am so glad he is still around with us. He is 90 years old! We gave him a little taste of the wine, but he didn't like it very much. I got some pictures of him, and I am glad. 
Then it was time to eat! We piled our plates with delicious food, and we ate! I had two platefuls. It was so good.
After dinner, I had everyone go outside so that I could take a picture of them. I needed to do a "Thankful" picture for my november photo a day challenge on Instagram. I also took the picture to have a memory.
A little bit later, Shawna, Rob and the girls had to leave to go over to Rob's mom's house for dessert, so we had our own dessert. My favorite Hershey Bar and Cool Whip pie. Oh, this pie is so rich, so heavenly, and so delicious. 
Once it got dark outside, we all chilled out. My mom started folding laundry, I got in my comfies and my dad took a nap. Mom, Brittney and I watched Clue and when my dad woke up, we watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV, and after the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, we watched a special on Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson BAD 25. It was pretty interesting. 
All in All, Round 1 of Thanksgiving was pretty a good day.