Saturday Ramblings

I got up, planning on doing my homework after I watched two Family Ties, but that didn't end up happening. I ended up postponing my homework till tomorrow. I usually just do it on Sundays anyway. After a few Family Ties and browsing on the Pinterest app, I came across this one pin that really sparked me. It was a very interesting pin... here is the link: Personal Microderm Pinterest. It sparked some new skin care routines that I should take on. I pinned it, then browsed on pinterest some more and found some black head removal home remedies. I have some black heads on my nose, and they aren't that noticeable, but I just want them gone. This certain home remedy I have been meaning to try for a while, but never got around to it. It's super easy. Just take a lemon slice, and some honey. Drizzle the honey on the lemon slice and scrub into the spots where you have black heads. Yes, lemon can be very harmful to your skin, if you don't use it right. You have to be extremely careful when using lemon on your skin. The lemon and honey thing didn't seem to be working on me... I have weird skin. It's sensitive, but I need powerful stuff in order to get rid of the impurities on my face. I decided to try something new... full on steaming my face. I cut up 2 lemon slices, dropped them in a medium sized sauce pan, and added a couple drops of tea tree oil to the boiling water.
I took a medium sized towel, hung it over my head, and let my face take in the steam. You can also do this just to purify the air in your home. Tea Tree oil is very cleansing, it helps clean and purify. My skin felt amazing and rejuvenated! I sweated out all the impurities and it felt great. After I steamed it, I rinsed my face with cold water, toned my face with astringent, and moisturized. My face still feels great, and I notice that some of my black heads are gone. I am so happy that it worked. 
After a few more Family Ties after my face steam, we went to Target to grab a few things. I quickly threw on an outfit, and I think it's so cute. I might wear it to school soon. 
My Aerie leggings, my Nike Revolutions, my Oregon Ducks sweater, and a pink bandanna. 
My OOTD already has 15 likes on Instagram! I didn't know I dressed that cute... always on the days I don't have school. I guess I am more confident on the weekends. Wish I could move some of that confidence to weekdays! 
We headed to Target, and shopped. Picked up some stuff. My mom wanted to go into the book section to find some books that she was looking for, and I found "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith. It's only $10! I so want this journal! What a fun blog project that would be. New pages to do, and when they are all filled in, I can blog about them and post the pictures on here. HOW FUN!
I had the Wreck This App, but I deleted it. It took up a lot of space on my phone. It was an expensive app, it was $5, but it was fun. Since I have it permanently in my app store, and I can just download it again, I will do that when I am extremely bored, but I don't have to purchase it again. 
In the TV Show section of Target, I found two of my favorite TV Shows ever! They are both from the 80s, and I hope to own the whole series someday. 
Cheers and Golden Girls! Oh, a perfect afternoon:
No school, a whole season of Golden Girls, maple bars, Mac and Cheese, garlic bread, chocolate chip cookies, down feather comforter, and it be snowing outside... that would be the perfect day. OH! And with my best friend, Kenzie. That would be the perfect day.
Did you know that the woman who plays Sofia (Estelle Getty) Was the second youngest of the cast. Yes, she was the oldest of the characters, but Betty White (Rose) and Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy) were born in 1922. Estelle Getty was born 1923 and Rue Mcclanahan was born in 1934! My mom told me that one day when we were watching Golden Girls. I couldn't believe it! The things makeup people can do. Crazy!
We ended up running into my grandma at Target. She was already buying Christmas presents for my little cousin. Then my mom wanted to find some stuff to get her for Christmas. So we went into the toy aisle. I haven't been to the toy aisle in AGES. I was shocked at some of the toys that are out today... like these Monster dolls. You snap the hands and the feet and the legs, I guess you 'create a monster'.... and this human dog doll... I don't even understand that. But then Brittney and I found these dolls... 
These dolls were of teenage heart throbs: Cody Simpson and OneDirection....
Cody Simpson doll (the left)... first of all... he looks like woman. Men dolls do not have eye lashes on the bottom. He really looks like a woman. I don't like Cody Simpson anyway. I mean... why can't they have Jesse McCartney dolls? Although, they might screw that face up. ha.
The doll on the right, Harry Styles, part of OneDirection, that just looks plain scary... although they were scary in the first place. Both 'heart throbs' are quite annoying.
I just couldn't believe the toys that kids are playing with now a days. It's very shocking and sad. The toy aisles used to be HUGE, now they are only like three aisles. It's sad. The toys have gotten worse, and the toy aisle has shrunk. 
We were heading to go check out, and we passed the shoes. Brittney saw some slippers that she liked and tried them on. They were cute. Colored moccasin slippers. I actually want a pair for myself. I turned around and saw these hanging ... it scared me a second.
 They look like dead rabbits hanging on racks! They are UGLY.  I had to post this on Instagram to show how ridiculous they look. 
After perusing Target, we purchased our things, and went home. 
This is all my stuff.
A Shick Hydro Silk razor, A Clean and Clear blackhead eliminator face wash, and a Clean and Clear moisturizer, and some Libby's Pumpkin Puree. Yes, the pumpkin puree is for my face. I found a facial mask on pinterest that uses Pumpkin puree. I am excited to make it. I will probably make it next weekend, bring it over to Kenzie's house and have a fall themed spa day! 
I will do reviews on the products and I will do the facial mask recipe next weekend! 
I also started the November Photo A Day challenge on Instagram. I had to make up for November 1 and 2, then I just did day 3 today because it is the third of November. Again, at the end of the month, I will post all the pictures like I did for October photo a day challenge Recap. 
Today was a good day! I am glad I got to blog today. I need to blog more often. I really do.
More posts later :)