October Photo A Day Challenge ***Recap*** And Other Things

At the beginning of October, I blogged that I was starting an Instagram photo a day challenge. I took pictures of certain things on the list for a whole month, each picture of each day. It was a lot of fun, and some days I would forget to one, so I would just make it up the next day. I did pretty good about keeping up with the photos! This is the challenge I did. 
I put all 31 of my photos in a collage so my post wouldn't be super duper long. I have all the days labeled what they are.
They are in order :)
I had to do two collages because the first square tile collage could only fit 25 pictures. I just did another collage for the other 6 pictures.
I actually had a lot of fun doing the challenge. Some days I wasn't really happy with my photo, I wanted it to be more elaborate, but I took what I got and it was good. :)
I think I am going to do a November Photo A Day challenge. It would be fun!
I found this one on Google Images, just type in: November Photo A Day Challenge Instagram.
This photo challenge is from the blog: Silver Boxes .
Anyway, other things...
Last Friday, I ordered a bunch of stuff for my iphone! I ordered sparkly screen protectors, regular screen protectors and two cases. My sparkly screen protectors came today and they look so good! My phone looks so cute! I tried to get good pictures with my camera and show the sparkle. 
When my screen is black, my screen looks like a starry night! It's so cool.
It's also glossy. My last screen protectors sucked. They had this dumb matte finish and it made my phone screen look frosty and feel weird, now it feels normal, looks normal, except for the sparkles. :) 
I really like it! I can't wait for my phone cases to come!
I am so excited about them! 
Some other things I want for my phone, I was a charm, where you plug it into the headphone plug in area, and it sits a top your phone. I want a kitty one or a bow. They are really cheap on Amazon.
The screen protectors were $2.99 on Amazon and you get a pack of 3.
Another exciting thing today... not super exciting, but a milestone for me... I ran today!  I went running to the park and back. It was almost 2 miles and I probably ran it in 15 minutes. It was a little slow for me... I am out of shape. I need to get fit for track... if I decide to do it and I need to get fit for DANCE TEAM! I am gonna try out in May for Dance Team, to be a Bruinette! So excited. After my run, I ate a whole bag of Bolthouse Farms baby carrots!
I was pretty proud of myself! :)
I was really excited about it and wanted to post it! 
Happy blogging! 


  1. Would you mind if I try this challenge as well? ^_^ Believe it or not, I have the same screen protector for my iPhone. I put one at the back as well because there is a tendency it would get scratches when I don’t use any of my iPhone cases.

    Venus Eckert

    1. I don't own the photo a day challenge, it was a public one from another blogger. Sure! You can do the challenge. Anyone can do the challenge. If you want to do the March one, you can google it or find one on Instagram :). The sparkle screen protectors are super cool. I need to change my current one. I need to get more because I have had this one on for a long time. Having a back screen protector is a great idea. I should get those. :) thank you!!

  2. Hi can somebody tell me what app was used to create the 25 picture collage

    1. I can! I used PicMonkey. You just upload your pictures to the site, and make a collage. It's super easy. If you have anymore questions, just leave a comment :)


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