Haven't Blogged In 3 Weeks!!!

I am not neglecting my blog! I have been so busy with friend problems, and school, and projects, and life. I haven't found time to blog. But, my blog ideas list is growing and hopefully I will get to take care of some of those today. Today I don't have school, so I will have plenty of time to fill up my blog, the gaps and hopefully  re-attract attention to my blog.  Lots of fun things have happened lately. Lots of stressful things have happened lately. I have gotten new phone cases, I have ordered new phone cases. I have noticed my style needs some improvements, and I have also noticed that I haven't had as much homework as I have had. I also need to work out a lot more. I need to start up again. So... the new phone cases I got in October are super cute! I already posted pictures of my mint lacey one, and my pink sparkly one. But the two most recent ones I got was my pink cheetah print one, and my HappyMori mint green case. 
I love iphone cases! They are fun. 
October was a great month... I still need to post the last three pictures of October photo a day. I was lacking the last three days :( I need to do it because of my blog post of all the pictures from October photo a day challenge. I need to post those. 
It has been way too long that I haven't blogged. I realized, as I have been tweeting non stop, reading my favorite blogger's tweets, I need to post regularly. I keep saying this in every post, but I really need to make an effort to do things. I love when I blog. I love how it feels to be recognized by your blog. It's wonderful!
I am very proud of my blog. 
October was a great month. Ups and downs, great achievements and things. There are a couple sky pictures I must show you. They were beautiful!
These were taken a few Saturdays ago, on our way to church. Our church is in Vancouver, Washington, so we had to cross the bridge over the Columbia river. We saw a double rainbow, airplanes, airplanes against the double rainbow. I wish I kept that picture. I took a really cool picture of the air plane against the double rainbow on Instagram, but I lost it on accident. It was so sad, it was the coolest picture!
I got some pretty awesome pictures anyway, and they were pretty popular on instagram.
 After Church, we went to Red Robin. I decided to try something new... the Bleu Ribbon burger... I'm sorry, it was so gross. I love their fries, and their onion rings, and their Nestle Toll House cookie sundae, but their Bleu Ribbon burger wasn't the best.
Punky has been lazin around lately. I find him in the weirdest positions. Like last week... he was laying on his back with his front and back paws in the air. I got one of him yawning, I was so excited because it is so cute when he yawns.
And cuddly...
October was a fantastic month! 
And I will do a halloween post right after this. I am doing some belated Halloween fun. I am going to roast Pumpkin seeds today! I will definitely post the recipe in my Belated Halloween post. I'm sorry this post a little choppy... I am just excited to be blogging again and wanted to fit everything in! 


  1. Beautiful pictures of the sky! I look forward to reading your posts about Halloween. :)

    1. Thanks April! I read your halloween posts, and those meat balls looked scrumptious!


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