Halloween 2012!

All in all, I'd say I had a pretty fun Halloween. For lunch, I walked over to my mom's work and there was pizza from Bellagio's pizza waiting for me! It was for my mom's birthday lunch at her work. My mom got me a big root beer too. There is this man who comes to my mom's work and he distributes Mountain Man candy, from Mountain Man Candy Company. He promised that he would bring Mustard Pretzels, and that he did! We also got the assortment of chocolate covered coffee beans. It was a great lunch!
After school, I made last minute plans to go trick or treat-ing with my cousins. It turned out to be a really fun night. My original plan was to just sit at home, pass out candy, roast pumpkin seeds, pig out on M&Ms, and watch stuff on Netflix. So, when I got home from school, I threw together a costume. I ended up being a cowgirl. I have a hat, I have my boots, I have jeans, why not? Brittney French braided my hair, and I tied a pink bandanna around my neck. I thought I looked pretty cute and I got lots of compliments on my 'costume' while we were trick or treat-ing. When I walked into Abbie's house, there were a whole bunch of people. I wasn't really expecting that, but it turned out to be great. We did Halloween group photos at her house, and then we piled into the big truck and the van, picked up some more people, and headed out to the rich neighborhoods near Damascus. We pulled into the Cedar Lake and it was PACKED. Little kids in princess or pirate costumes running around with their candy pales. Their parents holding their hands as they were walked across the street. We drove carefully and finally found a place to park. We went to two houses and then we were done.... not many people with lights on. So, we piled into the vehicles again and went down the street to Persimmons. We had success there! Lots of people with their lights on, lots of candy, lots of little kids, and lots of fun! After the fun at Persimmons, we drove back to Cedar Lake, and this time we had success. It was lots of fun going trick or treat-ing. One of the guys in our group had someone take a group picture of all of us. All the people in our group were from Gresham High School, and I was the odd one out, the rival from Barlow. It was great though! We all look devilish because our eyes are glowing... I am in the middle with the cowboy hat on and the pink bandanna around my neck. 
 It was great fun! We headed back to Abbie's house around 9:30 and I wanted pictures of Abbie and I together in our costumes. Abbie was a cat, and you know what I was, a cow girl. :) Thank you Troy for taking our pictures. (Troy is Abbie's dad)
I had the car, so I drove home and then dumped all my candy out on the floor and I was pretty impressed with how much I got. I got 3 king sized candy bars: A Butterfinger, A TWIX, And a MilkyWay. A bunch more little candies, or 'fun size'... how is small 'fun size'? Small amount of candy isn't fun at all!
Most of the candy is gone now... I have been snacking on it. I love having candy around, especially chocolate. I am happier when I have candy around. I am!
It was a fun Halloween. I didn't end up doing my homework because I had other plans. Good thing I didn't have a lot of homework. It's stuff I can make up. I normally do my homework, just Halloween... it's Halloween. I had a good time and I think I will go Trick or Treat-ing with them again next year, depending on my plans. :)
It was a great Halloween! 
My belated Halloween festivities were today! Only roasting pumpkin seeds. 
The recipe will be in the next post. 
These pumpkin seeds have made my house smell like garlic all day. I roasted them with fresh pressed garlic and sea salt! Yumm!
I had a great Halloween, and a semi-great ending to October!