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The months of October and November have been extremely busy for me. The big CAL project is coming to a close on Monday, the 26th of November, and my stress level will hopefully go back to normal. My stress level was already high, but due to this project at CAL, my stress level has risen. I have been up late every night doing homework and finishing projects that nobody helps on, and I get really stressed out. That is why I haven't been blogging lately. I haven't blogged in 17 days. I can't believe that I have neglected my blog. I haven't abandoned it though. You see, I will never stop blogging. I will always have blog projects to do. In fact, I keep a list on my phone of blog projects to do and complete. I need to get around to them.
Anyway, this is what I have been up to: 
 Last weekend, I went over to my bestest friend MacKenzie's house. Before I went over to her house, I redid my nails, because it was time. ha. I found something cute on We Heart It I wanted to mimick and my nails turned out really cute. 
I really missed Kenzie. I really needed to vent to her about my exhausting week a few weeks ago, and I love how she is always there to listen. I didn't go over there just for that though... I went over there to celebrate her birthday and for a sleep over, so I brought over ingredients to make cake batter milk shakes! They were a hit. 
We watched one great movie, 3 crappy movies, and then Cheers. Cheers is something we both love, and can talk through the episodes and still know what's going on. I love that girl. She is awesome and my bestest friend! 
The next day, Sunday, was the last day we could visit my Great-Grandpa Kirby's house. Since he isn't living there anymore, we put it up for sale, it was purchased, and the 11th of November was the last day we could see it. I took lots of pictures, and I made them into collages. We even marked our territory. We found a spot that wouldn't be seen unless you were actually looking for it. Under the kitchen step. We all wrote our names down to mark that it was our territory and that we had been there. Then we wrote my Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's name down there with the dates of how long they have lived there. My Great-Grandma passed away in February of 2010, and we moved my Great-Grandpa to a care home this year. It was a very sad day... but my theory is that fate will bring the house back to us someday in the future. So many memories in that house, so many great Christmases and parties in that house. So many memories about that house...
That was a sad day :( 
The next day, Monday, I didn't have school. I finished up my homework for the next day. One homework assignment for my CAL project was to duct tape soda cans for our Chemotherapy Arch for our History of Cancer exhibit for History of Medicine project. I will post pictures once the exhibit is done and finished. We don't really have anything done... because of our group arrangement... but Saturday, a girl from my group is coming over and we are finishing everything. 
Then on Wednesday night, I am up till 11:00 finishing up the Skin Project for the group presentation in another CAL class. It took me 6 hours to make and complete. I had more homework afterward, but I finished the skin project, and I was confident about what I was going to say to the class. I had it all written out. I had all the correct information, and I was so excited and not nervous at all, which is a first for me because usually I am very nervous to go up in front of the class and speak. 
Apparently, I said "UM" 14 times during the 2 minutes I was speaking. The teacher said, "I started to not even listen to you and I was just counting your 'ums'"... WOW. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't embarrassed, I was just mad that he didn't even listen to the information I researched and provided. It's not easy going up in front of your peers and speaking. How was he as a Junior in high school, speaking in front of people? I doubt he was perfect... oh well. I am proud of my project.
On Saturday, I went to see my one of my best friend's plays. My friend Shayla was in our school play: Little Shop of Horrors. I love the Little Shop of Horrors musical movie, and to see a play of it, I was stoked! Before I went to see the play, I wanted to redo my nails because I had chipped, old nail polish on my nails. I found something on We Heart It that I liked, and I did my nails really cute.
We also had plans to meet up after the play and get together. I went over to her grandma's house, and we had a really great time.
We couldn't have flash photography at the play, so the pictures are a little fuzzy and bright in the wrong places... dark in the wrong places. 
The play was GREAT! It was so cute, and Shayla and everybody did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed the play. 
 After the play, my mom picked Shayla and I up and dropped us off at Shayla's grandma's house. We played UNO with her grandma and then Shayla and I made brownies, then her grandma made us quesadillas for dinner. They were so good! 
It has been a fun, exhausting week. Luckily, I don't have school all this week! I need that break. Sorry for such a long post, I wanted to fill everybody in on why I haven't been blogging lately. 
Hopefully, my stress level will go down. I want to go back to normal! Looking back at everything I did over the past week, it really has been a fun week. Mostly fun, a lot stressful though with school and such. 


  1. Sounds like you have been busy, busy! Molalla did Little Shop of Horrors a few years back, I love that play too. Joe was just in the school musical Annie Get your Gun. Love all of your photography, your school projects sound interesting, and now I think I'm hungry for brownies! :)

    1. I am always hungry for Brownies! I wish I could have gone and seen Joe in his play! That would be fun. I am debating about doing the play this spring... Lend Me a Tenor. I really want to do Track as well. My friend Shayla said there is a way to do both, so I think I will do that. Yes, I have been busy, busy!!

  2. Hi, just was reading around on blogger and found your blog! Sounds like you had a very exhausting week, hope your stress level goes down, beautiful girls with amazing bone structures like yourself don't deserve to be stressed :) Do you think you could give me the recipe to does mouth watering cake mix milkshakes, cause your milkshakes must bring all the boys to the yard ;) if you could, could you please email me to recipe at markithmammoth@gmail.com :)
    salutations Mark :D

    1. Well, none of my baking/cooking bring any boys to the yard... unless we invite them to bon fires at my friend Kenzie's house. Of course I can! Actually, there is an earlier blog post on those cake batter milkshakes, and the recipe is actually in this blog post. It's pretty simple. Thank you, you are very sweet!

    2. Here is the link for the cake batter milkshakes:


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