A Student Blogger's Busy Life

Life is complicated sometimes... And when life gets complicated, that means it is harder to blog. I need to go a blog conference. Something that can help my life to fit blogging in on a regular basis. I could have totally blogged yesterday, but to be honest, I just sat in my chair all day and watched TV. I needed that relaxation day badly. School really wears me out and when I have an extra couple days added on to my regular two day weekend, I get excited and I plan to just sit around. It felt nice. But today, I am going to make something, like bake and actually go do something! I am going over to my best friend Kenzie's house and we are gonna hang out. I miss her so much! We haven't seen each other for like 4 weeks. That is really sad. I am sl glad we aren't hosting another bon fire. As fun as they are, I really don't want to host another. Plus, it is getting too cold to sit outside for hours, even in front of a fire. I do love the bon fires. It gives me the chance to see old friends and catch up with them, but I'm glad there is no bon fire tonight. My week was short. Only went to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That was so nice because I was so ready to be done by Wednesday. This year isn't quite as stressful as last year. I get things done and I actually have some time left over. Some nights I am up till 3 a.m. finishing a project, but other nights, I am done with homework by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. It's nice to have some wind down time after homework to do whatever I want. Also, Monday was the Justin Bieber concert. One ofy best friends and new very good friends went to the concert. I don't mind Justin Bieber. He is a good kid, he is pretty darn cute, he has a guy voice now and I think he is a great person. So with all the talk about Justin Bieber I get at CAL, I kinda caught the Bieber Fever, only slightly. I am still a Jesse McCartney fan. That will never change. I have been bugging Jesse on twitter. Mentioning him in my tweets and wanting him to retweet me or tweet me a quote from his movie Keith. Thay would be a dream come true! So, the reason I brought up these two people is because I need to be a teenage girl. I need to be 16 and just live and not worry about the future too much. Yes of course, I need to plan out college and things, but I don't need to be so immerged in my future, that I can't like different singers and freak out over them. I need to be a teenaged girl and not be in the mind set of someone older. I am still mature, yes. Like at Barlow, I feel uncomfortable around certain people. Like some of the people I sit near in some classes, I feel like they act silly and immature every class. Yeah, I act silly plenty, but I don't get crazy and obnoxious. Well, I know this is kind of a shorter post, but I had to blog and tell all of my readers what I have been up to. Oh! There is a BlogHer conference in December, taking place in San Francisco. I would to go! I want to go! That would be such a fun trip! I am going to talk to my parents about it. I highly doubt I am going to get to go, but it's worth a shot to try. I forgot to tell all of you that some of my new phone cases came in the mail this week. Last week , I got my blue and yellow bumbers. This week, I got my pink sparkly hard case, and my mint lace hard case. They are both so cute! I am excited to recieve my other cases that I am waiting on. I am so very excited! Exciting weekend! :)
More posts later!


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