What I Have Been Up To Lately...

Hello all my wonderful readers! I Haven't blogged in three days, and I am so sorry about that. My work load has been kind of heavy lately and I haven't been home and I get home late. But now I have time to blog! Let's see... What have I been up to lately? Well, I have been going to school, and then going home, sometimes staying out in Gresham to wait for Brittney's volley ball practice to get over. Taking pictures, doing homework, tweeting. OH ! I have been tweeting a WHOLE LOT. It's crazy! Twitter is one of my many lives. Blogging and twitter and instagram and tumblr are all kind of rolled into one for me. I have different obsessions at different times and my blogs and my twitter and my instagram and sometimes facebook all roll into that! Ummmmmm.... hmmmmm.... Not much has gone on. I have new instagram pictures for those of you who don't keep up with my instagram, I will post them now! 
Ok... before I post them, I feel really weird posting such a little bit of text with a lot of pictures.... :( so I am gonna have to make a filler. OH! I know exactly what I am going to write about after the pictures. This is so perfect! 
Ok, so these are my latest instagram pictures. The important ones anyway...
Subway on 9/11
 My Medical Terminology flash cards...
 My little cousin Raelyn and I! Her face is so funny!!! her eyes. It would have been cuter if I knew that her eyes were like that so I could look down at here. sooo cute still. 
 My homework set up! comfy......
Ok, so future plans for my blog... 
Let's see. I have lots of post ideas.
1.) I Am Not A Sexist... To A Point (Been planning this one for a while now)
2.) Frosted M&M Brownies (Redo)
3.) Cake Batter Cheese Cake (Been wanting to do this one for a while)
4.) Cookie Dough Brownies (This one too, been wanting to do it for a while)
5.) Quirky Beauty Tips
6.) Give Away (WAY LATER)
7.) Beauty Product Review post
So, yeah there are a lot more that I want to do, but these are the ones that are on my list to do. I keep a list on my phone to help me keep track of my blog post ideas. I love planning out my blog posts. They are so much fun! Blogging is awesome! 
ha. So... probably tomorrow I will knock off Quirky Beauty Tips and Beauty Product Review Post. I will knock those off the list. 
I should study now... I have two quizzes tomorrow. Easy ones, but I still want to do good on them!
Keep calm and blog on!


  1. Looking forward to those future blog posts, they all sound great. I also enjoyed your 9/11 post. :)

    1. Thank you April! I am excited and looking forward to blog those posts! :) It will be fun to do those projects. :)


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