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Well hello! I haven't posted in almost a week! Since school has started, there are going to be times where I don't post for a couple weeks. I was good about keeping up with my blog during the summer, but since school has started, it might be harder. But with the iPhone 4, I can keep up with my blogging with the blogger app. I will probably blog every week. I will try and blog a couple days a week, but with school and homework, I will be busy! Speaking of school, I am now heading into my second week of school. The homework load is picking up, but in some classes I have less homework, or just a little something here and there or no homework at all. CAL is starting to pick up with homework. I have homework for my Medical Terminology class. All I have to do for that class is look and review my flash cards. We are learning suffixes right now for med terms. Most of them I know. I miss 2 or 3 cards when I do speed run through. I am doing really good. So far, Medical Terminology is my favorite class. For Barlow, right now... Algebra 2, my teacher is awesome! But today, I asked a question about a problem and I guess we didn't have to do that problem, but a girl in there, I won't say her name, made me feel stupid for asking to go over that problem... umm... it had a black square around the number... I assumed we had to do it and it was good practice. It's not a big deal... jeez. That made me sorta... not angry but like... hmmm. I just felt stupid but then I thought about it
 for a while... I actually asked a smart question, so to that girl who made me feel stupid, HA! Ha..... yeah.... ok.In French 5-6, we are going to watch a French soap opera. We were going to begin watching it today, but the class periods were shortened because of Pride week... so due to technical difficulties, we couldn't begin it today, but tomorrow we will. It's all in French, no subtitles. We received, as an assignment for over this past weekend, a vocab sheet for Episode 1 of the French soap opera series. It's called  Le Café des Rêves , and there is the link for the article about the series on Wikipedia. I am excited to watch it!
We normally just watch movies in French class, but now we are watching a TV series! I love episode TV 
series way more than a soap opera. 
That's super exciting!!
In Government, we are doing an activity concerning being in a government for a made up country, and we 
have to decide what government and form and system and economy the country should have. It's pretty simple.
I will also blog about Kenzie's house, the past two weekends we have had Bon Fires and I have gotten to
know some cool people. It was a lot of fun this past weekend. We had a big bon fire with lots of people.
It was a blast. Pictures later... in the post about hanging out with Kenzie and bon fires. I will do that right after
I post this post.
Here are the latest Instagram pictures...
Ok, so with this picture... I thought I lost my blue sparkly retainer case, but it was at home the whole time.
We ended up getting me a spare anyway. It's pink!!!
That same day, we went to my cousin's foot ball game at Gresham High School... Barlow's older sibling and major rival.
My kitty, Punky "helping" me with my French homework....
And today, after CAL, since I had the car today, I got a Starbucks! A grande,  Java Chip Frappuccino! yummmm!!
YUM!! I love Starbucks!
If you'd like to follow or just see what I'm up to, you can follow my Instagram  and see all my photos and what I'm up to! It's a fun little app! ha. I am on it more than my blog, and I take my photos from Instagram and blog. Instagram is like a 'make blogging easier' type thing for me and just another social networking site. 
Super cool. Super fun. ha. 
I will try and blog more often, but with school getting busier, you just have to bear with me, my lovely/handsome readers.
Oh! And make sure to visit my best friend's blog, she is new to blogger, so bear with her too! 
Kenzie's blog- Cowgirl Country  . It's a super cute blog!! So visit it! :)
She is my bestie!
Hope everyone had a great monday, and I will do a 9/11 post tomorrow, like I did last year. A tribute is what I did.
Keep Calm and Love Blogging!


  1. Sounds like a good week back to school, Sarah and Joe are already in the swing of things as well. I enjoyed reading about your bonfire as well, sounds like fun! I just got through reading the posts over at Cowgirl Country and look forward to reading more. :)

    1. That's awesome!! I am glad for them! Yes, I am getting in the swing of things. I have a routine, and it's good to stick to routines. I like the new schedule. Teachers get right to the point and they don't get to mellow out and talk for 83 minutes, lecturing for 83 minutes. I didn't realize how bored I got until this year! CRAZY! YAY!! She will be so happy to hear that. She is new to blogger, and still figuring it out, but she likes it :)

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