New Beauty Products-- Product Review

Hello my wonderful readers! I have recently gotten some beauty products and I would like to do a review on them. One of the beauty products I have been using for about a year now, and the other two are ones that I am just now trying, it's a recent thing. So, let's get started!
The first product is from Fresh Skin Care. I love Fresh skin care. I have admired and loved this company ever since I went to San Francisco. That's when I first heard of them. I have been using their products for about a year, and this was either the first or second product I used from them... I think it was the second. 
Yeah. So, these cute little samplers from Fresh are amazing. They last a long time, and they are perfect!
The Fresh-Face Prime and Glow Sampler.
These little samplers are $10 at Sephora, and they also sell the full size ones for $36 at Sephora or 
Now, I know I am doing these reviews a little later than I normally do... but I never got around to doing them. I have sunk into the Fresh products pretty well, getting a $40 face wash from them, and getting little gifts from them. I think I should contribute to them and give them good reviews because EVERYTHING that I have tried from them is AMAZING. So, this next product from Fresh I will boast with pride and full of LOVE, because I LOVE this product from Fresh. Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser is my favorite facial cleanser EVER. It's so gentle on your face, it is gentle on the eyes because it takes off makeup, it cleanses and it is vegetarian and vegan. It's great! And even though it costs $40, it lasts A LONG time. You don't use very much, you just use a pea size on your finger, scrub it into your face and rinse off. I love this cleanser.
I purchased this cleanser in Las Vegas, Nevada at their Fresh Shop in The Forum shops. :) and I already love it so much. I mean, I have been using it for like 2 months, and I LOVE IT. I have been wanting this cleanser since I first saw it in San Francisco.  I love soy things, and I couldn't believe there was a soy facial cleanser. If you know me really well, I collect face washes, and I love doing facial treatments and things, you know I go all out for facial cleansers, so I spend $40 on a facial cleanser. I wanted it, it's what I was looking forward and I really truly wanted this. I was so happy that I bought it.
Now, if you don't want to spend $40 on the big one, you can spend $15 on the little one. The travel size is sold at Sephora as well, and on the Fresh website. It is only $15 and the bottle is just smaller. 
I want to eventually own the whole Soy Face set from Fresh. That will be nice.
So... the next product from Fresh, this is the last one and it will be quick, I got as a gift for my birthday. Since I am a Sephora member, I get free gifts all the time, and coupons and birthday presents and if I get to certain number of points, I get samples of stuff. Well, on my birthday, we went to the mall so I could retrieve my birthday gift from Sephora. They gave me Fresh Lip Treatment. Two sample size Fresh Lip Treatment. Can you imagine how excited I was???? I WAS SUPER EXCITED. I had been wanting the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments ever since San Francisco. So, I got those for FREE!!! AHHH!!!
Since it was about 5 months ago that I received the lip treatments, I have lost the box, but not the sticks. So I took pictures of the lip treatments mini sticks, and you can see that I use the brown one a lot more than the pink one since some of the wording has rubbed off on the brown one.
I over use the brown one. Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment are award winners, best sellers, and recommended by beauty specialists. How cool is that? The brown one, the one on the left is Fresh's best seller. I am so happy I have my lip treatments. What is also cool about them is that they have SPF in them. SPF 15 in each lip treatment. :) Wonderful!!
Ok, so enough of Fresh, and onto more brands! 
Now... Philosophy has always been in my heart... not always but since last year. I have wanted to try some of Philosophy's skin care for a while now, and last year I got a sample of Philosophy's face wash: Purity. I really like that face cleanser. It also lasts forever. Well, since Sephora carries a lot of name brand things, I perused the Philosophy section of Sephora and I picked up and purchased their Hope In A Jar moisturizer and SPF.
The sampler size, which is what I have will last me a long time! It spreads on really nice and I can already see an improvement in my skin. It seriously makes my skin look awesome! Hope in A Jar is amazing! It is $15 at Sephora for the sampler and $39 on the Philosophy website. 
Almost done with the products everyone! 
I got a new facial cleanser from Target the other day, it's called Yes To Carrots, that is the brand name. My cleanser that I got is called Yes To Tomatoes: Clear Skin
So far, I do love this facial cleanser, it is a gel cleanser, so a little goes a long way, although is isn't an expensive cleanser, it is only $10 at Target :) so not bad at all. It is Paraben-free and 96% natural. :) AWESOME!!! I love organic stuff. 
This cleanser also has a nice smell.  It smells nothing like tomatoes, but I have to admit, I have smelled a hint of tomato and I am very glad! If I didn't smell any tomato in it, I'd be worried... like there is no tomato in this.... I trust this product, and the company because I have read great reviews on them and I frequent their website. All good things about the Yes To products. Now, if you are all wondering, NO IT IS NOT RED! The cleanser is not RED. ha. It is a clear gel. :) It foams up too, so that is also nice. I just loove this cleanser.
I have a wish list of things I want to get from Yes To Carrots now :)
I recommend these to products very highly and I love all of them!
I love doing beauty product reviews! They are a lot of fun and I love telling about my experiences with them and how I use them and my experiences using them, good or bad. All these products are GREAT!! I love them!
Hope you enjoyed the post! :) 


  1. This was such a helpful post; I'm definitely looking into that sugar lips treatment...the colder weather dries out my lips so much, I'm totally going to need something like that.


    1. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment, but yes! The Fresh Sugar lips help my lips so much. I love them. But it's not the lip treatments that help your lips the absolute best, it's drinking water. I have actually experienced that drinking water really does help with dry skin. It has helped my hair, now my hair is so soft. I haven't put on lip stuff for three days and they aren't chapped. I still use lip treatment stuff, but water mousturizes big time. :)


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