Haven't Blogged In 10 Days...

I am so sorry my lovely readers! I have been super busy and just relaxing. Last weekend, I basked in my 'no-homework-ness' and it was really nice. Been busy with school, and projects, and just wanting to relax after a hard day. I have found time to blog. I can't abandon my blog. It's my obsession! So... what's been going on with me... oh! By the way... I hate the new blogger interface. It's stupid and hard to use and it's not even cute. I loved my old blogger interface. I don't even want to get used to the new one. I want the old one back and I will complain till I get it back. I have sent feed back to Google about it and I just want my old interface back. Not too hard of a task. :) I also need to call Google Adsense and clear my old account and start up my new one! I wanna start making money with my blog. I have been talking about this for a while... and have never had the time to call them and clear it and set it up. I need to. I need to badly. I have a plane ticket to pay for in the summer and a passport! I might go to Canada with my best friend, Kenzie. But, it's still in the maybe zone. I just want to make money on my blog. I don't have a job, nor do I have time for one. Blogging is going to be my job. My mom said to focus on school and relaxing. I will have plenty of work time as an adult and for me to be a kid. I mean, blogging is fun work! I envy the stay-at-home moms who blog and do projects all day. That would be a fun job. I mean, I could do that, but I have other dreams. To be a nurse and work with premature babies. It's a good dream. Blogging is a big dream though. I am already fulfilling that dream, but I wanna keep at it. Sooo... lots of new projects! Lots of cool stuff happening. I will show you pictures of my latest CAL project once it is assembled tomorrow. It's due Thursday and we just started working on it today... yeah..... Everything will get done. I have no worries. It's really easy to assemble. Our poster is going to be so cute! I have done so many fun things since I last blogged... well not so many things, but I feel like I have! I have been busy. On Sunday, I did go to the Gorge with my family and my grandparents on my dad's side. It was to celebrate my Grandma's birthday and we went up to Wahkeena Falls and had a BBQ and walked up to the falls and my dad got crafty at the grill when he forgot the bbq sauce. I took some cool pictures and I am still in awe of how well the iphone takes pictures!
Walking down from the falls, I saw a mother and her little daughter taking pictures of something. As I walked past them, I noticed it was a leaf and it looked like it was floating! But it was attached to a spider web. It was so cool! 
And this is what my dad did to the chicken and my hot dog :) When he cut the pepper and onion, he put the tops on the chicken and hot dog to season them! How nifty!! You know the show 'Take Home Chef'? Well, my dad pretended he was Curtis Stone.
My Grandma ended up making this super yummy cherry cake thing. It was super delicious!!
And this was my meal :)
It was a fun day! 
Monday morning, I saw a pink sun! A PINK SUN! Lately we have had red and orange suns, and now pink suns. I wonder if it has anything to do with Autumn. I have never seen it before!
And autumn supplies really pretty sunsets! I took this yesterday evening. Oh, clouds and sunsets/sunrises are the most beautiful thing in the sky to me.
 Oh, favorite thing to take pictures of. I am always awe struck when I look into a pink cloudy sky.
So gorgeous!
Last picture and then I will end the post...
The many faces of Punky! I think was Saturday night... I am not sure.
But he was being lovey dovey and very cute.
Oh kitty. haha.
Well, I will post pictures of my project tomorrow! I am nervous about it, but I think we will get it done. We should be able to. We are staying after school to finish it. I hope it turns out great and how I envisioned it! 
Keep Calm and Blog On!
(I want a Keep Calm and Blog On shirt for Christmas :) 


  1. What wonderful pictures! Love the pretty sunsets, and falls, as well as that cool web/leaf photo. Your cookout looks like a lot of fun too. I am looking forward to seeing your project, I think it is wonderful that you have an opportunity like that in school to get started on your nursing. :)

    1. It is a wonderful opportunity! I love CAL! It's a fun place. The cookout was fun!

  2. beautiful pictures!!! wishing you well on your projects. your posts always bring a smile to my day =)

    1. Aww thank you! That's so sweet! You are so sweet! Sorry it took me a while to reply, I have been busy.ha.


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