First Day Of Junior Year and the 300th POST!!

Hello all! It was my first day of school and it was HECTIC and CONFUSING! I have everything taken care of though. I got to school, my arms were already full since I didn't have a locker assignment in the first place. Nobody does. Kinda inconvenient. So, first of all, I went to pick up my schedule. Everybody put my name in the back of the piles, in everything. So, I was scared that my name wouldn't be found. It eventually was and I got my schedule. BUT there was an issue. See, during the summer, we talked to my counselor about me taking French 5-6 instead of PD3. I would take PD3 and PD4 next year with no math class, which is fine! I can still take all four years of French like I planned. So happy. So... on my schedule it said that I had PD3 this year. Well... I was flippin out and wasn't sure what to do, and so after Algebra 2, I went to the counselor's office and got it all straightened out. I didn't even have to go to PD3 today! I went to Algebra 2, Government and French. Then everyone went to 4th period... I don't have a 4th period because during 4th period is when they take the CAL kids to CAL, so I just sat outside today. I could have gone home, but I wanted to get a locker at lunch. So, during my 'down' time, my empty 4th period, I got my ID card and so all of it is taken care of. I was going to eat my lunch during that time, so I mixed my salad together in the container and I realized I brought no fork. I gathered up my stuff and went to the cafeteria and there were no forks. There usually are forks... but this time. I ate it when I got home though, it was a yummy salad!  I went and got a locker, emptied my book load in my locker and everything was good. I hope that tomorrow is easy... the CAL part. I hope it's not too confusing. I have a heavy book load this year. Not a problem though. I think this year will be okay. I think it will be okay. If something goes wrong, I have my mom next door at the Surgery Center by CAL, I have other people I trust there, I have my grandparents, my aunt, my dad. My mom's best friend Carrie lives down the street. If I problem, I can always call them. But today has been relaxing after I got home. I left school at about 11:30 since I have no CAL today. I kind of like this schedule... I might regret saying that... but I kinda like it! On the days that I don't have CAL, I can have half days. On the days I don't have Barlow, I can sleep in, but I still have to go to school. ha. Oh dear... oh well. Not a big problem! Late start days are every Wednesday, so I can sleep in there too. I took some pictures today, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to get "First Day Of School" pictures, since I left so early and today was so hectic, but I took some pictures for Instagram and I here they are.
This is me in the car on the way to school, I could have driven, but I was so nervous and needed to collect myself. 
This one is of my books, my water bottle and my lunch bag. I have no 4th period since I am being transported to CAL during that time, but since there was no CAL today, I just sat outside. I already explained why I stayed and didn't just go home... I had to stay till lunch to sign up for a locker and dump my excess books. haha. So, I had all this extra stuff because I had no locker yet...
I will take pictures of my locker when it is all set it up! I will do a locker a photo, don't worry. :) I have a locker to myself. My partner shares with my other two friends. The three best friends all share a locker, I get a locker to myself! :) I am pretty lucky. haha. Soooo... yeah, locker picture soon. I need to put it together and I need to find and get some cute magnets and stuff and picture frames and things.
This is when I got home. For some reason, I was so sore. It hurt to walk. I am thinking it is probably from walking around a bunch yesterday in flip flops for 6 hours around the mall, which totally sounds like a shop-a-holic exercise excuse, but I don't do well walking for a long time in flip flops. I need my Nikes. ha. And I don't go to the mall very often... actually that's not true either. I am getting really off track. Anyway, I went home at 11:30 and I relaxed basically the whole day!
And I thought I looked cute in this picture.
I have been looking for an over the shoulder messenger bag and a bag to carry all my CAL books for a long time now, basically the whole summer I have been looking. We went to Fred Meyer today and I was so desperate, I found two bags that suited me, and I actually really like them! I made a collage of the bags. The Adidas duffle bag fits all my CAL books, scrubs, shoes, and other stuff. And the other little brown messenger bag fits all the stuff I need in my purse/bag. I don't really like calling it a purse... 
By the way... the outfit above is not the outfit I wore to school today. I just threw it on to go to the store because right after school, I changed into sweats and a tank top. So, I just threw it on and I like it! I might wear it to school sometime. 
SO... yeah. That was my first day at Barlow as a Junior. It was pretty great. :)
Tomorrow, gotta tackle CAL. :) Wish me luck...
300th POST!!!
I just wanted to say something... I know 300 isn't any special number, but this is pretty cool to me! I wanted to say how much I enjoy blogging, and how it has consumed my life... in a good way. I needed something like this, a fun hobbie! I had hobbies, but ones that I could never take pride in. This is my pride. My blog. I love it and I love sharing my ideas and being inspired and inspiring people. I love this blog very much and I am so glad that started it. 
Kind of a sappy little love letter to my blog... haha. Oh good grief.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun day at school, or if you are still on your summer break, I hope you are having a great time!
Can't wait for the football game on Friday and can't wait for the bonfire on Saturday! Full weekend of FUNNN.