Excitement, Stress, And My Bestie!

Hello all! I know I haven't posted since tuesday, and I apologize. Been busy helping with the family yard sale and been busy getting ready for school and stuff. I got a pair of Scrubs from the brand Iguana Med :) they are a wonderful fit! School is getting so close! Oh my goodness... But I am actually getting excited but nervous about school. Excited because at the football game on Friday, I saw a lot of new people of some of my friends I hadn't seen in a while. It was great and got me kinda pumped up! This year I am going to make my life social and blogging and stuff. Everything is gonna be awesome! I think I had a pretty full summer. Went on a lot of trips, did a lot of blogging! I had a lot of fun this summer! I have changed a lot during the summer. I got my braces off, I have a new aunt, I have a lot of new clothes, my blog is getting popular, new memories, closer to my friends, just been a great summer! The end of summer break... To celebrate summer and friendship, we had a little bon fire last night. Our friends: Jamison, Sarah and Mitchell came over to Kenzie's house. We all sat around by the fire and talked and stuff. It was a good little gathering! I will post more about the bon fire later with pictures and stuff. It was great! Then this morning, I turned kenzie on to one of my favorite TV shows, CHEERS! It's a great, good TV show. So cute and hilarious! I also made a blog for Kenzie and now she is blog obsessed! I am so happy! More of my friends should get a blog. I have Shayla at La La's Land and Kenzie at Cowgirl Country :) and April at April's Homemaking. I need more friend bloggers! Maybe this year I will get people to blog. It's a great experience! Blogging is wonderful! Ok, so I have a gross confession... And I have been wondering of this is considered cannibalism... But I don't think it is. I bite on the inside of my mouth, like kind of shred my mouth flesh... Gosh this is so gross... But I mean... I have done that since I was a little girl. I have no idea why I do that. It's a boredom buster... Ugh.. Why am I even blogging about this? Don't have a single clue! Ok, gonna stop talking about that! Gonna move onto different subjects... I love spending time with Kenzie. She is so much fun and her family is awesome! It's so nice! :) I wish that she was coming back to school. She goes to online school and is doing really good with it! I'm so happy for her! But During the school year, I am going to hang out with her a lot! I am so glad I have a best friend! First it is my Cousin abbie, and the it's Kenzie! I have a lot of best friend! But i have known Abbie the longest, because she is my cousin and I love her to death! And then it's Kenzie! She is such an awesome friend! Right now, we are relaxing and watching Cheers! Everything is good and wonderful and from the yard sale, I get my Grandpa's old fashioned camera :) I am so happy! I will update more of course! I am a blogger and it is my hobbie! I love blogging! I will blog later today too! Sorry for the choppyness! :)