Wreck This...app... journal...

Have you ever heard of Wreck This Journal? Well, it's this popular book, a book of blank pages with instructions on what to do on that page. It's really cool! Well, yesterday, my grandma gave me some composition books and I got this idea to make my own DIY Wreck This Journal. Eventually, I am going to purchase one, but I think it would be fun to create my own, and create my own instructions and things. How fun would that be! That is going to be my blog project tomorrow, and I will keep on blogging about it. It will be a continuous blog post, like I will set up a new post about what I did in my DIY Wreck This Journal. I was looking on We Heart It for some ideas to put in my journal, and I found this picture of the app, Wreck This App. HOW COOL!!! So, I purchased it for $5 and it is so worth it! It's great. I was working on it all day and checking it out. It's so super cool! 
Wreck This App and Wreck This Journal is by Keri Smith. It's awesome!
I haven't done every single page of course, but these are the pages I have gotten done so far. It's just the funnest app ever!
Still working on this page. 
 Still working on this page too.
 Isabelle helped me with this page.
So, basically I am going to keep working on it always. Just keep adding stuff.
It was such a cool app! So, tomorrow, I am making my own Wreck This Journal and it is going to be super cool! I am so excited. That is my big blog project and I hope it turns out the way I want it to.
I love it! 
This app is so cool, I recommend it to all of you who have an ipod or iphone4 or whatever. It's the coolest!
I love it! 
So, I wanted to do an introduction to my blog project that I am going to do tomorrow. I am also gonna do some other stuff tomorrow of course, but the Wreck This Journal project is going to be the main one! I am so excited about it!!