TJ MAXX-- The First School Shopping of The Year

We are gettin down to the last minute, and we are going school clothes shopping. While we were waiting for Plato's closet to count up our clothes, we went next door to TJ MAXX to find some clothes. Used clothed are ok, but brand new clothes on bargain! Yes please! I found this adorable sweater, almost the first thing I looked that. I was looking at a rack, flipping through the clothes and hangers, I found this sweater/sweatshirt type thing that was the style and cut that I have been looking for. The design on the sweater was the "Oregon Ducks" logo and it said, "Oregon Ducks". It's really cute! I haven't ever owned anything of "Oregon Ducks" before, and so this is something new for me. A new year, a new style! When we were in line to purchase our stuff, brittney got a shirt too, but while we were waiting in line, we saw the Essie nail polishes. Of course, being girls and brittney being a master nail painter, we went on over and checked them out. They were $3.99! They are orginally $8.00 at other stores, but we got two of them for the price of one! It was great! I love Essie nail polishes and how they paint, how they look. I think that was the high light so far! I am also going shopping later, so I will do a post on the loot I get from that. :) our kind of school shopping isn't normal... We do a little bit at the beginning, and then we kind of speckle. We get things when we need them, throughout the year. It's nice that way, so I can come to school with new clothes throughout the year. It's how it has always been and I like that system! :)
These are pictures of the sweater/sweatshirt and the nail polishes.