Sunday Ramblings

Today was quite the day! Since we moved my great grandpa out of his house, and into a home, we are looking through some stuff over there. We kept some of stuff in his basement for storage. Stuff that we aren't really using or stuff we don't really have room for. We went through that stuff, and made lots of progress. We went through our stuffed animals, and old art work. Got rid of a lot of things. It was weird when I first walked in, it was bare. None of knick knacks or anything, and I know he isn't there, at that house anymore, but it's still weird. Just bare walls and only furniture, and those furniture pieces are spoken for. It was super weird. My aunt shawna and my cousins came over to great grandpa kirby's as well and helped us go through some stuff. Then my aunt shawna and I went grocery shopping. She loves it when I go grocery shopping with her because I make it so much faster by helping her grab up and bag up stuff. That's what she says at least. :) Then, after we went grocery shopping, we went to Starbucks. Really, the only reason I wanted to go to Starbucks was of course to get a drink, and to get a picture of it for Tumblr and instagram and my blog. And to get a blank Starbucks paper cup so I could decorate it. I FORGOT THE PAPER CUP!!! UGHHH. I will get one this week. I'll drive to Starbucks, and grab up a paper coffee cup. I want to color it and sharpie it and make it look cool. I got a Grande Chocolate Chip frappuccino with an extra coffee shot. YUM!!!!
I forgot to add, way early this morning, at like 1:00 in the morning, I was on We Heart It and I found this one picture on an iPhone lock screen and it said, "Keep Calm and Blog All Day", I found it on Google Images and put it on my lock screen on my phone. It's so me!!! 
I didn't take a screen shot. I took a picture with my camera of my phone. I wanted it to be like the picture on We Heart It.
Really cute! I love it! 
Anyway, after the Starbucks outing, I came back and played on the new awesome app that I found and bought earlier today. I am going to do a post just on that, because there a lot of pictures and things that go along with it. I will tell you about it later.
My grandma said that we had to water the flowers there, so I didn't want to get out the hose just to water the front little flower beds, so I found this pitcher, and it's a little nifty looking. I actually liked the pitcher. 
It's old looking, and very heavy, but I love the vintage look to it! It looks kinda cute to me....
I also found this glass bottle. I am kind of obsessed with glass bottles and it looked cute and cool. It's really nifty! So, I took pictures of the glass bottle and the pitcher.
They were quite interesting. I was also snooping through his cabinets. I found Tazo tea in there! I remember seeing it there like months ago. Tea lasts forever, basically, so I took it and I love TAZO tea. I love it!
It's the Orange kind. Hmmmm...
I can't wait to try it! I am not stealing tea! Nobody is using it. Nobody lives there anymore. My mom said to take it. I am not stealing. :) 
While my mom was going through some of her stuff, I was kinda bored and I wanted to instagram something and take pictures. I was wearing my TOMS, So I decided to create a popular picture like I see on We Heart It or Instagram or Pinterest or Tumblr. Those things. I think I did a good job. I even did some sun art in there!
It was on Instagram for 2 seconds and already had seven likes! WOW!!! I know I would never get a picture on the popular page with only 197 followers, but I plant to get a popular page on there in the future. :) It would be great! 
Today was pretty good. I actually feel cleansed and I am excited about things. I am excited my blog project tomorrow! :)
I will do a whole post on that subject, because there are things revolved around it. 
I love creating all these creative things and finding obscure things. It's great!
Wonderful, wonderful!
Hope you enjoyed my ramblings :)
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