School Shopping Haul: From Aerie; American Eagle and TJ MAXX

I already posted about my TJ Maxx find yesterday, but I am going to tell you about the other shopping trip yesterday! Clackamas Town Center is the closest mall to our house and has all our favorite stores. They just opened a huge new Forever 21. Lately... I have been kind of disappointed with Forever 21. Some of their clothes are cool, but it seems like all they have is more business woman look. I am looking for a stylish, cute, teenagery look. Not the slutty type, but just jeans and a cute shirt. Modest of course, but a cute shirt! I knew I'd find what I was looking for at Aerie for sure! We walked around and went into American Eagle, THEY HAD A BIG SALE!!! $30 for all denim! Every pair of jeans was $30. So, I got a cute pair of jeans. The regular kind that I always get, the slim boot. They are the cutest and they fit me really well. They had a new style in the store, they are called 'Skinny Kick'. They are just like straight leg basically, just like skinny jeans only they flair out at the feet. It sounds weird, but once you try them on, they look and feel fantastic! So, I got my slim boot jeans for $30! What a deal! After we got the jeans, we went to go get Jamba Juice with Faith, Brittney's friend. She got a Jamba Juice and then Brittney and I wanted bubble tea. I love bubble tea! I am so glad that they have a bubble tea shop in Clackamas Town Center! It's called Braganza. I got the coffee frappe with tapioca pearls, or BOBA.
It has inspired me to make my own! So once I get boba, I am going to make my own bubble tea!!
So excited. After I drank all my bubble tea, and we were walking around and looking at different stores, we made our way upstairs and I went into Aerie! I love Aerie
I got a lot of clothes from Aerie.
I got 4 shirts,
2 short sleeved, 2 long sleeved.
1 sweater. 
7 panties.
1 bra.
1 boyfriend tank top.
I did really good! 
I got the big bag! :)
I was really happy with all the clothes! I am still really happy about them!
I went over to Bath and Body Works to meet up with Faith and Brittney and my mom, and Faith comes out, digging her Bath and Body Works bag, and she hands me a Carried Away body spray! 
I was like, "OH MY GOODNESS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" She basically got it for free and she said that she knew it was my favorite and it is my favorite! She is so sweet! I hugged her and thanked her a bunch of times. It was a really nice surprise! 
We were at the mall until closing time! We had a good shopping yesterday! Yesterday was all good, except for the Plato's Closet thing. That event was awful!
I modeled all my clothes this morning, even the TJ Maxx sweater. I am also wearing my new jeans in all the pictures.
This is my TJ Maxx "Oregon Ducks" sweatshirt thing, and my new jeans. 
This is one of my short sleeve shirts from Aerie in Jasmine. This is one of the True Love T's.
Also with my American Eagle jeans, and this is kind of personal, but I am wearing my new bra underneath it. and my White boyfriend tank from Aerie.
This is the other short sleeve shirt, the True Love T from Aerie in Heather Grey.
With my American Eagle Slim Boot jeans, my Aerie bra, which is a Bridget Cotton Pushup bra in the color of Oatmeal Heather. And over that, is my white boyfriend tank from Aerie.
This next one is the Aerie Dream T in the color Hawthorn. Underneath that is the Boyfriend Tank in white and the Bridget pushup. With my AE jeans in slim boot, same jeans, same bra, same tank, new shirt.
You get the picture with the jeans and the bra and the tank top. Same everything, new shirt again. Aerie Dream T in August Teal. I am trying to pop some new color into my life. I am always wearing the navy blues and the light pinks. I need vibrant!
The last shirt with the same jeans, bra, tank top. This is Aerie's Fresh Cut Popover in the color Rinse Rose.
I like this style of kind of baggy sweaters. I like that. I love the color and I love the comfy feel of the sweater.
I didn't model my underwear... I just took pictures of them.
I love Aerie's underwear deals. 7 panties for $26. They always have awesome deals!
I was really happy with the purchases yesterday! I can't wait to wear this stuff to school!
There is one more thing I have to get before school starts, I have to order a hoodie from Aerie. Now, the employees, the manager at Aerie said that shipping is free if you order it off the app... well I tried ordering it today and it said that the shipping is still $7.00. I am going to call them about that, just to double check. 
Aerie is having some awesome sales right now! So is American Eagle!
Aerie is having a 40% of all bras right now!
The deal of getting 7 favorite panties for $26 is always going on.
If you buy something from American Eagle before shopping at Aerie, you can get 20% off the purchase using your receipt. 
American Eagle is having a sale on their jeans, $30 for each pair of denim! And of course, check out their awesome clearance section. I am a big fan of the clearance section. 
At Aerie, I usually get what's new and out. Their clearance section is awesome! But I like to get their new items. 
Hope you enjoyed my post! And I hope you give Aerie some business. If you need a new bra, or just want to get more, they are 40% off!!! Go buy jeans at American Eagle for $30, use that receipt and go buy a cute shirt or a pair of Yoga pants! You don't get take an extra 20% off the bra, since it is already 40% off. It's already on sale, so you don't get take 60% off of it. 40% is already fantastic! 


  1. Sarah and I really enjoyed browsing at Forever 21 last week, she got a cute top and jacket, she also found some cute jewelry. We love Bubble tea, both the regular tapioca pearls in milk tea or chai, and black tea with green apple jellies- yum! Sounds like some great deals!

    1. I love Forever 21 too! I always find great deals! :) but Aerie is still my favorite! Oh I love bubble tea too!!!

  2. Loved your haul from Aerie, Courty! We love your genuine enthusiasm for the brand and representing us well.

    Ellen from Aerie

    1. I was BLOG ENTHUSIASTIC when I got the e-mail of your comment in French class. It was like a celebrity commented on my blog, and yeah, you guys are kind of a celebrity. A celebrity to me that is. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I am so happy. I have been smiling the whole day and I couldn't wait to reply! This is awesome. I love your brand, I love Aerie! I wear it with pride and when I wear it, I feel confident. Same with American Eagle! I feel so confident in your clothing and it makes me feel like I am contributing to something. I love Aerie. I recommend your store to everybody! ha. Thank you again for commenting on my blog!! You made my day!


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