Red Baron Pizza & French Bread Pizza Product Review

At my friend, Kenzie's house, we had the Red Baron French Bread Pizza in 5 Cheese and Garlic kind. That is something we most always have had at her house. I wanted to do a product review.When I drove home from Kenzie's, I stopped by Fred Meyer and picked up chocolate chips for my sister and then I picked up some of Red Baron's products. I picked up the 5 Cheese and Garlic French bread pizza and a deep dish pizza
They are easy to make... just stick them in the oven!
And viola!
They are so yummy! I give both the deep dish pizza and the French bread pizza two thumbs up, and a 5/5! They are great for a quick lunch or quick dinner, a busy night. I like Red Baron's quality in frozen pizza. I find their pizza very good. I don't normally get the frozen pizza, but when I, it is always Red Baron. I feel like I am eating actual pizza, and not the crab from the store freezer. Red Baron makes awesome products! 
I recommend Red Baron to anybody! I especially recommend these products. :)
Hope you enjoy!


  1. We love the french bread pizzas, perfect with a salad for a quick fix dinner on movie night. :)

    1. The French breads and the Salads sound like a wonderful combination! I am so trying that! Thanks April!


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