Promax Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Energy Bar (YUM) Review

For the past couple years, I have been completely obsessed with energy and protein bars. As a high schooler, I am always hungry. I need a snack in between breakfast and lunch. Protein bars are the perfect solution. With every protein bar brand that I have tried, chocolate chip cookie dough flavor has been my favorite. I found these one bars, they are called Zone Perfect bars and oh my word. I think Those are my absolute favorite kind of bar. But I am not here to talk about Zone Perfect bars today, I am going to talk about Promax Energy and Protein bars in this post. I tried one on Sunday and I loved it! I thought I had a Promax bar before, but after tasting it, I don't think I have. It was a great great taste! I love chocolate chip cookie dough protein and energy bars. They are wonderful. 
They are kind of long bars, about 5 inches long. The chocolate chip cookie dough bar has 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN! I am used to like 14 grams of protein or 12 grams of protein. BUT 20! It's like drinking a protein shake loaded. It's wonderful. 
They are also gluten-free, for those of you who can't have gluten in things you eat. 
This is a protein and energy bar, so it will give you some energy. 
They really are great tasting. In my opinion, when you first bite into the bar, it tastes kind of like peanut butter, just at first, but then it tastes like cookie dough and these bars are DIVINE!
Promax bars are so yummy and a great way to start your day. Like a mini breakfast. 
I give Promax bars a 5/5 and a great recommendation from me!
They are wonderful! 
Trust me, from the girl who has basically lived off of protein bars for the past two years, take it from me. 
I have tried a lot of protein bars, and these are wonderful!
(I still love Zone Perfect bars, but Promax is pretty darn amazing)