Our Summer Traditon: BBQ At Wahkeena Falls

Well, last year I did a post on Wahkeena falls last summer and it was a lot of fun. We always go, we just started going to the falls like a few years ago, and every time we go we have fun! Well, my dad likes to grill chicken there and so we have our little BBQ and we go on a hike and Brittney and I wander around, usually get bitten by a few bugs and we talk to the volunteer park ranger, every year he has been great. This year, we found out he was very chatty, which is good! ha. 
We got to the falls and we saw that the parking lot and the picnic area was packed! No tables were available and the falls were swarming with people. We got a little scared because everywhere we looked, there were people. We didn't know if we'd get a spot. We decided to just park the car, go on our hike and wait for some people to leave so that we could have a spot. So, we parked in the picnic area, like always and we got out and got ready for our hike. 
We hiked a different trail this time. We always hike up to the bridge to the falls and we hike up a little farther, we have done that so many times, we decided to do something different. We hiked to Multnomah Falls down the street. Literally, a quarter mile. It wasn't a huge hike, but it was nice little hike. 
We came to this little rock meadow with fallen trees and moss hanging down off the cliff. There was water cascading off the cliff, and through the moss, like water's natural filter. It looked so pretty, I called it my mineral shower. I had to go up there and get showered. It was also really hot, and I wanted to cooled off.
I gave my phone to my mom and asked her to take pictures, so I didn't have my phone with me when I climbed up the rocks. Brittney had hers with her. We were climbing, and I look over, there is a FROG! A big frog! Like, not a small tree frog, but a bigger one. I was taken a back a little bit, not expecting a frog to be there and I am like, "oh my goodness! There is a frog!" Brittney took a picture and I grabbed for my phone and it wasn't there. My mom had it. GREAT. Brittney handed me her phone and she let me take a picture with her phone and she sent it to me. She is such a nice sister. 
I can't believe our iPhones take pictures like that. It's crazy!
I was so happy Brittney let me take a picture with her phone. It meant a lot to me that I take my own frog picture. Anyway, I went into the 'mineral shower' and got sprinkled by the water. It looked really pretty and I tried to get a picture of it, but my phone and my camera didn't capture it's real beauty. :( I really need a better camera. Maybe for Christmas or something. 
I did get a picture of it though...
Can't see the water very well, but oh... it still looks good.
My mom did get somewhat blurry pictures of me in the water...
And the little girl kneeling beside me is not Brittney, that is a little girl of another family that was at the mineral shower thing before us and she was very intrigued with the frog.
Some of these are kinda bright because first of all, it was sunny and then my mom didn't know how to darken my screen for taking pictures on my phone. Oh well, these are me in the water and some of me climbing down...
In this picture, I almost fell and slid down the rocks, so I was keeping my balance. It is so rocky climbing up there. You slip, it's over. ha. Or you get badly hurt. One or the other. 
After I got down, safely, we walked on and then came to Multnomah Falls. I haven't been there in a while, like to go see the falls. I did go there in the early Spring with my dad, we didn't go see the falls, we went on a hike at Wahkeena Falls, but came to Multnomah Falls for a bathroom break and for a pastry. 
We went to look at the falls this time, and they are so pretty. People come from all over to world to little no fun Oregon and they come to see the Multnomah Falls. People from Canada, India, Wyoming, England, Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea, On and on, people come to see our backyard basically. No... Multnomah Falls isn't literally in our backyard, but it's in my town, I go there so often and have seen it so many times. I guess it's the same for the people who live near the Grand Canyon. People from all over the world go to see the Grand Canyon, and they travel miles and miles just to see it, but the people who live near there think, "Oh, it's just the Grand Canyon. Nothing special." ha. Weird. It all depends on where you live. Just because I live near the falls and I go there a lot, doesn't mean I don't think they are special. They are so special to me, and just as beautiful as when I first saw them... although, when I first saw them, I was an itty bitty baby, so I don't think I had an opinion then... but anyway, they are still beautiful. 
We hiked up to the bridge, and I cam across this odd shaped stump tree. It was interesting looking...
We got to the bridge and it was so packed. People were taking thousands of pictures, there was this photographer, taking pictures of a family and we couldn't pass the bridge for like five minutes. Really people? Come on a day where it isn't so busy. Oh well.... I didn't get any pictures on the bridge. I couldn't. There were so many people and then these other people brought two huge strollers on the bridge and the wheel was jammed or something, so it took like 8 minutes for them to cross the bridge. Wow... it was an ordeal. We left the bridge and went back down. We walked back up the trail and I found this cave a little ways up the trail. Of course, I wanted my picture taken in it. Again, it is a little bright.
We walked on, and walked past the mineral shower again. I had to go back in the mineral shower as another cool off thing. It was really warm outside, so I needed a cool off. We got back to the picnic area and we found a table. Dad started grilling and Brittney, my mom and I all sat around and talked and ate Doritos and played on our phones and I took pictures. I wanted to walk up to the Wahkeena Falls bridge, but nobody wanted to go with me and frankly, I didn't want to go by myself. Not that is unsafe, you just never know who might be lurking up there. You never know. So, I didn't get any pictures of Wahkneea Falls, but next time we go there this summer, I am taking pictures of the falls. 
As I sat in my fold out chair, I was looking around and I saw this little creature climbing up the cooler. It was a fuzzy Caterpillar. It was so cute! 
So many little critters at the falls. I don't like all the flying bugs, especially the huge black ones that fly around you and creep you out. Those things look awful and brutal. Brutally awful.
The sun was shining through the trees really pretty, and I got a good picture on my phone that is also very well liked on instagram. 
I think it is really pretty. After this was taken, the volunteer park ranger came up to us and talked with us for a few... hours. Ha... no. Probably an hour the first time. 45 minutes the second time. He is very nice. 
After he left, dinner was just about done and my dad wanted me to get pictures of the food. 
So I did.
I didn't get pictures of all the salads and stuff. I didn't think about it then. Thinking about it now and wish I had. ha.
We have a special way of doing things. This is our kind of camping. No tents, no extra clean up. This is our camping. Grilling at the falls, going home and watching TV after showers. 
Boo yeah.
Our dinner was pretty good :) I wish my dad brought the El Pato sauce because it would have added some spicy-ness to the chicken. But it was 'ok' with just bbq sauce. After dinner, I had to pee so bad. I had been drinking my water bottle all day, and so I probably had like 1 and 1/2 water bottles in two hours. I had to go bad. Well, the bathrooms in the picnic area were closed, and there were two port-a-potties out in mini parking lot annex. I built myself up to go in there. I hate port-a-potties. They are absolutely disgusting. I opened the door and there were flies buzzing around in there, toilet paper hanging out with God knows what on them... I do know but I would rather not say on my blog. I couldn't make myself go in there. No way. I crouched there, I wouldn't sit on the concrete right outside the port-a-potty, gross.... and I contemplated how  I would go to the bathroom. I wouldn't go in the port-a-potty. NEVER. 
Then it came to me, Multnomah Falls was not even a half a mile down the road. I got my dad and I drove down the street to the Multnomah Falls toilets and It was much better than going in a disgusting, disease filled port-a-potty. When I came out, I looked behind me and the sun was hitting the rock around the Multnomah Falls perfectly. I didn't have my phone with me, I left it down the road at Wahkeena Falls with my mom, so I was sad I didn't have a camera with me... but wait... my dad had his phone!
I was saved!!
He let me take a picture with his phone and he sent it to me.
I love my family.
How often do you get to see that?
It was so pretty. I drove back to Wahkeena Falls and then we finished up dinner. I took some pictures of our area and the trees and myself.
 Yes... the other bench is down on the picnic table. No, we didn't do it. It was like that when we got there. It added some charm to our BBQ.
After we finished dinner, we started cleaning up. Still didn't get a chance to go up to see the Wahkeena Falls bridge, but oh well. Next time. Like I said before...
When we were about to head up to the main parking lot to the car, to pack some stuff up, 
and the park ranger came back because we gave him some wood for his fires. We brought wood up with us to start our BBQ, But we didn't need a lot of it because when we got to the table, our picnic area, there was a fire already going in the BBQ. How lucky.
So... the volunteer park ranger talked for about 45 minutes with us. It was getting darker and I was getting nervous because I had to drive home. I had to drive on the free way and the high way in the dark at 65 MPH. I was nervous. Finally, he let us go, and we were on our way. I drove us all the way home. Drove on the Columbia River Highway- Interstate 84. I am proud of myself. :)
It was a really fun day yesterday. 
That is the Biggs family style of camping and I am ok with that.