My Road Trip from Oregon to Nevada (7/25/12 through 7/26/12)

As you all know, I love road trips! They are so much fun because you get to see everything! When you fly across any country, all you see is above the areas, and the ariel shots. Yes, it can be cool and sometimes you have to fly to get to a place quickly, but when you have the time, go on a road trip! I love being in the car at night, I know it isn't all safe, and sometimes the people driving can get really tired. That is the negative side. But when driving on the high way at night, it is a magical world for me. Maybe because I am in a daze, or I just love seeing the city lights on when it is dark. During the day is even better, you can actually see the scenery! Driving during the day is so much better. 
I just got back from a long road trip yesterday morning. I got back to my house at 6:00 AM. I crashed into bed. The week long road trip was amazing and so much fun! We were always busy looking or doing something. It was a lot of fun! 
I didn't get a chance to post about my road trip on the way to Nevada, so I would like to share with you my road trip on the way to Nevada through Oregon and California. 
It's quite interesting. 
And then after, I am going to post a Road Trip Essentials list. What you all need for a road trip in your bags. 
We left my house, Wednesday of last week (7/25/12)
We drove and drove and drove, and I instagrammed a lot!
Driving through Oregon....
Rest stops are disgusting. Rest stops are especially disgusting when they don't have soap... and you have to use hand sanitizer...GROSS. GROSS. GROSS. You could catch a disease. I hate Rest Stops! But I am glad they are there...
This is me taking a mirror shot in the Rest Stop at Suncrest Rest Stop, it is the rest stop right before you cross over into California...
And when we crossed into California... this is my attempt of taking a picture of the 'Welcome to California' sign, in the dark at night...
Fruit check...
(California Agricultural Inspection Station)
Again, blurry, so sorry!
I listened to my Pandora, I messed around on my phone, I dozed off and on. I ate a protein bar. My mouth watered because I was thinking about Nutella. We drove and drove and drove. 
Finally... at 4 in the morning, we stopped at  a Denny's. I blogged about this already, so I am going to just show the pictures. 
(By the way, Denny's cappuccino is so good)
You can read the post about it here: Good Good Early Morning From California! Somewhere...
Yes, it's great!
Soon after that, we headed down the high way again. The beautiful sunset was peaking up through the earth it seems like and I tried to get a great picture, but we are in a car, we are going fast. If I roll down the windows, I will break someone's ear drum.
It is loud outside when we are driving fast. The force of the wind.
Here is the sunset though! On Thursday morning in Stockton, California.
Later that morning, the clouds formed, and started to reflect a little pinkish glow from the sky. I love it when clouds reflect the color. It's so beautiful.
So glad there were cell phone towers in the middle of nowhere. 
So glad.
Yes... I am attached to my phone. ha.
Here is another picture of the sunrise... and it grows up and out. It just keeps growing. It is so pretty!
I think I look beautiful even without hardly any sleep, and at 6:30 in the morning. 
My teeth look shiny because of my retainer. ha.
Earlier that week, like on Monday, I found this awesome app. It's called 'Finger Zoo' and you can decorate your fingers! It's so cute. I took a picture of my fingers and dressed them up like animals. It was a great boredom buster. You can find the app in the app store on your iPhone, it is called 'Finger Zoo'.
It was cute. lol.
Later that day, we crossed into a city called Bakersfield, CA. 
It's this tiny town, where some rednecks live, or some rich people live. It is a town that is all over the place.
I had seen palm trees earlier that day, but not in a bunch like this. Of course I have seen palm trees in a bunch before, like in my past trips, but I wanted to get a picture of them. The ones I saw earlier that day were hidden among other trees, and in the camera it was hard to spot. 
But I found myself my palm trees.
We were on our way to a WinCo to get some road snacks. FINALLY!!! NUTELLA!!!!!
I was so excited. I was being silly, and took a picture of the nutella in WinCo...
Nutella is amazing! So delicious. I grabbed some snacks for the road, and a detox drink smoothie because I didn't have my lemon water. I needed to detox and cleanse some how!
My road snacks: Nutella, strawberries, Oreos and Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness smoothie. YUMMMMOOO.
Going to dip California grown strawberries in the Nutella. BEST SNACK EVER!
Bolthouse Farms is actually locally owned in Bakersfield, California. I love that area. Just driving through it, it was a beautiful area. I would love to go back there. It was such a pretty area and it was so warm. It was awesome. I loved the Bolthouse Farms smoothie. It was delicious and it felt good inside my body. I know that sounds weird, but it was awesome. There is only fruit in the smoothie. ONLY FRUIT. It is perishable, so you know it is fresh. 
It's a booster/detox smoothie.
After the shopping trip, it was back to driving. Next stop... NEVADA!
We drove and drove and drove. When we drive to Palm Springs, we always pass by the Wind Farm, where they harvest wind from windmills. Well, they have a whole huge field of windmills, scattered everywhere. It is always fun to drive through that area.
All of those stick things, are windmills. Lots and Lots of windmills.
Somday, I would love to live in an area where my electricity comes from these windmills. It's so green and helps take care of our earth. I love that! The whole concept of generating a few cities on these windmills is so awesome! I definitely want to live in an area that goes green.
The wind farm is right smack dab in the desert. We drove farther and farther, we started to see cacti.
It doesn't look like normal cacti, it is a cousin of cactus. It is a kind of cacti.
We had to pull over a few miles after that because my drink had been out of the cold for a while. Since it is perishable, I wanted to put it back in the cooler. We pulled over onto this dusty turn out area. I put my drink in the cooler and then got out to take pictures. I know that the Insterstate 58 or whatever sign isn't that important, but it looked cool, and it was right there, so I took pictures of it. 
We kept driving, and I kept checking my maps to find out our location. We were two hours from the Nevada/California border. I was so excited! The area around us was getting to be more desert-y and more rocky and mountainous hills. We were getting closer and closer.
And then we started seeing signs for Las Vegas!!!
About a few hours away before we would be crossing over the Nevada/California border, there was a rest stop. At the rest stop, in the area of the rest stop, the temperature was 103 degrees! It decreased a little while later to 93 in a town called Baker. But at the Rest Stop, I went to the bathroom, and then I came out of the bathroom and my dad was walking bare foot on the concrete. OW. He was trying to get his feet used to the heat. I tried it to and it was like walking on coals, but kind of relaxing at that. It was nice. 
I wanted to get a little more color before Nevada, and I knew five seconds or 4 minutes of tanning wouldn't get me brown, but I wanted to just give it a try. I actually probably tanned for 8 minutes. 
Yeah, I just layed down on the concrete, and started tanning.
People stared... who cares!
We got back in the car, and we still had about a few hours before entering Nevada. I hadn't eaten an Oreo yet, so I ate a couple Oreos. The Nutella was just sitting there, so I got an idea. I dipped my Oreo in the Nutella and it was amazing! All three chocolate tastes... oh my goodness!!!!! IT WAS FABULOUS! Like a firework in your mouth.
When I sent the picture to people, they said it looked gross. Well... you can just try it for yourself. I love that taste. It was delightful.
So delicious! 
We were on a road that basically was a straight shot into Nevada. A long straight road. Long long long.
We would see road signs, counting the miles to Las Vegas. 
There was one sign where it counted the miles to Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City was 517 miles from the Mojave Desert. WOW!
Las Vegas was only 72 miles from the Mojave Desert. 
And the miles dwindled down....
Along side the road, there was these fabulous rock mountain hill things. They were so beautiful and they almost didn't look real! It was spectacular. They were huge! and would go on for MILES!
This was the last picture I took before crossing over the Nevada/California border. The same long road, but just farther down. Way farther down. And look! More road! 
Down that road, the Nevada border and it keeps going on and on and on.
Then... NEVADA!!!!!
We crossed over the border!
It was awesome. Still very deserty. 
My blog post about that day, following after we crossed over the Nevada border can be found here: 
It is manly about Las Vegas and our first night in Nevada. 
The weather was crazy! Crazy hot!
Never been in this hot of weather!
So... that basically concludes the road trip driving into Nevada. I have posts about my trip! I will also do a 'loot' post later today, showing what I bought and got on my trip. 
Lovely! :) 
So, next post will be a Road Trip essentials post. There won't be many pictures. Maybe 1 at most.
Hope you enjoyed my road trip post! 
Sorry I posted it kind of late, I have been busy!