My Exciting Yesterday

Hello everyone! I had an exciting day yesterday! I studied and reviewed, and studied more and was positive the whole day, I changed up everything from last time, and... I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! Yes! I am so happy! I was so proud of myself, I achieved and got it. I earned it. The experience was very calm, so much nicer than last time. It was so awful last time. I had a jerk as my instructor. Well, this time, I had a much different instructor. I had a women, and she was so nice! We chatted the whole test. That is calming to me. Other than when I pipe up with a question and the guy instructor says, "Be quiet" and he has a breathing problem through the whole test. This was much better. No nervousness and nothing. It was really relaxing and I felt great the whole time. I did everything correctly. She didn't tell me what I passed with, she just wrote on the results line, she wrote in all capital letters, "PASSED" so I think I got a 90. I missed one small thing. I missed a blind spot somewhere... I guess. But that was it. I don't know where I missed it, but I did and it was a small thing. I passed! I passed! I passed! I am so excited! It was wonderful. Then I took the written test and got an 80% on that. I was so happy! :) I got my driver's license yesterday! When we got home, I dropped my mom off at home, and then Brittney and I went to WinCo to grab some yummy stuff. Brittney was ecstatic the whole time, I kept my cool. I was excited of course! But I was very calm. I have strict rules for when I drive. I told my sister. She knows. Ha. I drove home and then my mom hugged us and was like, "You're home! You're safe!" Oh dear. Ha. After I ate a little bite to eat, we went to go visit my great grandpa in the home he is at. It is a really nice home. A family lives there and what I like is that they have pictures of their family and their little boy and they have modernized everything. The walls aren't white and it looks very american. It's a young couple who take care of the residents and we only met the husband, and he is a kick! He is so funny and very nice. The home that my great grandpa is in is very very nice and I am glad he is there. Well, not glad we had to put him in the home, but glad he is somewhere nice and he is happy there. He really is. So we visited with him and then we said good bye, and left. I blogged when I got home and then basically went to bed. I was so tired. Had a very busy day. It was a good day though! I got my license and my picture looks good! It's good to stay positive. Well, I want to do a blog project today. I don't know what to do. I want to do something cute and fun! I want to make something colorful and delicious. I just want to fill my blog with interesting articles and pictures. It's great! I think I am going to start making this blog into my tumblr kind of thing. Where I can talk about anything on here. It is my blog and I thought at first it was just my project and baking blog, well, I can write my thoughts on here too. And I will! I definitely will start doing that. Writing my thoughts down. I am excited to do that! But I will also do my baking and projects. This is my blog! It will be a fun blog to read! :)anyway, yesterday was super exciting! I got my license yesterday! I am so happy!


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