Montagne Jeunesse Hair and Facial Mask Product Review

 I love facials! I love facials that come in a packet, and I especially love the facials that in a packet that are NATURAL and VEGETARIAN. Love love love! The thing about me is, I love facial products, and I love getting new facial things. I collect them and I am always on the hunt for more facial things. I am not a pack rat, or a hoarder, I actually use all my facial stuff up and then I slowly replenish. ALL my facial things get used. I don't hoard. That is a disgusting and unhealthy habit. 
When I was younger, and I would go grocery shopping with my mom, and we would go down the beauty and toiletries section, you know, with the makeup and tooth brushes and shampoo and face wash and all the good stuff, I would see these packets in the spa section. They would have girls's faces on the packets and their faces would be covered in like a pink or yellow cream and their eyes would always be covered with a leaf and a few pieces of fruit on them. I always that it was the weirdest thing. I wanted to try those! 
Well, at my birthday party, we got some to try and I loved this product! 
At WinCo, a couple days ago, I found out that Montagne Jeunesse was sold there! I was so excited. I grabbed up some hair mask treatment things and a facial mask. 
Let me tell you a little bit about Montagne Jeunesse. Montagne Jeunesse is French for Mountain Youth. They  only use vegetarian and natural ingredients found in the French Alps. All their ingredients are natural.
I love that! My dear readers, you know that I am a sucker for natural and vegetarian things. 
They draw me in! And I am even more drawn in because it is French. I love French products.
I grabbed two hair treatment things and one facial mask. The two hair treatment things I grabbed up were:
I have always wanted to try the hair masks, so I bought them and my facial mask:
Today though, I only did the Frizz Miracle (pink packet) and the Dead Sea Mud Pac mask. Later this month, I will do the other hair mask. Also by then, I will be trying out other facial masks, so I can do a dual review!
I like to do a hair and facial mask together.
So, actually, yesterday I did my hair mask. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the results because it took kind of a while to get it all done, but it turned out FABULOUS!!! I love this hair mask. It's a really great way to deep condition. They give you a lot of cream to work with, so I really like that, because I never feel like I have enough, but with this, I LOVE THIS. It is natural, and adds moisture to your hair, even though this is not the moisture hair treatment packet. My hair is frizzy, so I needed this. I love it! My hair feels amazing and when I woke up this morning, usually my hair is so tangly, but I just ran my fingers through my hair and it was awesome! It felt great, my hair is soft, my hair tips are soft and dry and brittle feeling. THIS STUFF WORKS!
It smells good too. And it's not an actual mask that hardens and you have to wash out. The picture just gives an illusion. Although, I wouldn't mind something like that, it just might be hard to wash out, but this stuff wasn't hard to wash out at all. I mean, yeah, it took a few rinses, but every conditioner has that. It is just this pink cream that you squeeze out and rub into your scalp to get the roots and all the way down to your tips, so you basically use it like a conditioner. It's amazingly awesome. You brush it, scrub it, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Your hair turns out so soft! Then once you rinse your hair, you towel or blow dry hair and add the shine serum! I didn't need to use all the shine serum, there was a lot and the shine serum actually made my hair even more soft and very pretty. This hair mask gets a 6/5 rating. It was wonderful and I recommend it highly. 
It's super cheap too! $1.43 at WinCo and you can also get them at Ulta and Fred Meyer! 
Now, I did the dead sea mud pac mask today. I love this mask! It feels so good on your skin, it kinda tingles a bit, but that's it and if you leave it on for more than 15 minutes, it can start to itch and irritate. But I love this mask! 
Yes... there is going to be a picture of me wearing the mask..
And I took the results pictures today for both the facial and hair mask. My skin is so soft and so is my hair! My pores feel like they have been vacuumed! 
(By the way... I am NOT wearing makeup, and these pictures were not edited. Just lightened because some of them were a little dark)
I took a lot... ha. I love taking pictures of me being silly... that's weird...
I feel great! 
And... just gonna say it... I look great! 
I love the way my hair looks and feels and I love the way my skin looks and feels! 
Thank you Montagne Jeunesse for making such awesome, natural vegetarian products!
I am sooo gonna order some stuff from your site!
Check out their site, even though I already posted it above in the post:
Their products are amazing! 
I give their products a 7/5 rating. I love their products so much.