Kashi Cereal, Organic Finds Product Review

Lots of Product reviews today! I am not being to review about them, I am just doing it to tell people about the product and it is a hot hot hot day today and I can't use the oven because it will heat up the house and I  have all these new products that I have to give a try, so I am going to take care all of my product reviews today! 
At WinCo, a couple days ago, I got some Kashi cereal. I haven't really ever tried Kashi cereal before. I might have tried it at a friend's house or at the store when they do the sample things, but I have never actually purchased Kashi cereal. I thought I should give it a try! I got the Kashi Go Lean Crisp: Toasted Berry Crumble. It was delicious! 
It was a delicious breakfast and I feel great! I don't feel heavy and gross. I mean, I don't usually feel that way in the morning, especially with any kind of cereal, but I just feel like I started my day off right! :) I feel great! I feel healthy! 
I love cereal, and Kashi Go Lean Crisp: Toasted Berry Crumble exceeded my expectations! I love Kashi Cereal now. I know that I am getting a great source of a bunch of vitamins, I am getting full from the breakfast, and I am getting a great source of fiber. There are also 18 whole grains in this cereal and Oatmeal, which is brain food. This cereal is awesome and it makes for a wonderful breakfast!
This was my breakfast collage for this morning:
My  cat likes to be a part of things. ha.
Kashi Go Lean Crisp: Toasted Berry Crumble gets an excellent rating from me! A 5/5  and a 7/5 for healthy choice! And 5/5 for taste, but a 6/5 for over all!
I recommend this cereal... although, Courtney Biggs's opinion doesn't matter all too much...
haha. Well.. actually... my opinion does matter because that means I am telling you, my readers about it, and hopefully I inspire people, so if I inspire people, I could inspire people to go buy Kashi's cereal!
Go buy Kashi's cereal!