I Have Not Deserted My Blog!!! Never Will Desert You!

I am sorry I haven't been on in a while! :( I haven't had any inspiration. I have... but some of the projects are just too time consuming or I don't have the supplies for them at the moment. I also have just been relaxing and taking a break to reinstate my creativeness because it's fried. Just for the time being because I haven't come up with good blog projects since Monday! I feel as though I have deserted my blog and I feel so bad. I will never desert my blog. It is my pride and joy and greatest hobbie. Favorite funnest hobbie that I have. Anyway, since my last post, I have basically just been sitting around, watching Cheers. I know that sounds like I have been lazy... but I really haven't. For a week, I can be lazy and do nothing. Since for 9 months I have been going to school, and doing homework and stressing and crying every night. Plus... getting injured in track and not being able to run and stressing about the clock and never having time. I enjoy having NOTHING to do. You can't blame me for having a week of just sitting around. I have enjoyed it actually. I rewatched Season 5 of Cheers, and there are some episodes I have never seen before. WEIRD. Although, when we didn't have Netflix, even now that we do, my family over uses the TV, not by watching it, but we just have it on. Like it's our company. We don't like it to be totally quiet, we like noise.... anyway... that is probably the culprit to why I haven't seen most of Season 5! The fact of turning it on, then walking away and baking something probably did the trick. It was probably on... but I wasn't watching. Well, now I can honestly say that I have seen every episode of the Cheers series and I am in fact proud. Very proud. I love the classic TV series. The 80's and 90's are my favorite era to watch the TV series from. AWESOME. That's basically what I have been doing. Yesterday, we went school supplies shopping. It was great. Target is the best place to get your school supplies. We went to Fred Meyer and theirs is a little spendy. It's also late in the 'school supplies purchasing season', so the supplies are going fast. It's a sale at SAKS or something. 'UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST'. Luckily, Office Depot is open all year round and you can school supplies all the time. ha. God Bless America... One of my strange school supplies is a pair of White Keds. They have become very popular on my instagram and tumblr. They are for CAL, My medical program I am going to be in. I have to dress like a nurse with scrubs and white shoes. The whole Sha-bang. I get to wear scrubs to school! How cool! :) Yeah, I am actually very excited about it. 
I am feeling better about them. 
Also at Fred Meyer, well... we got the Keds there of course and a few school supplies that Target didn't have, but at Customer Service, there was this extremely tall guy there. He was at first tying is shoes, and then he stood up... he was so tall! I tried to capture it and I think I did an okay job at that, but he was just so tall. It was unbelievable. And you know what? I bet his mother is probably this little 4'11 or 4'9 little woman and his father is probably 6'3. ha. or 6'5. I bet this guy was at least 6'5. Creepy and kind of slinky...
I liked his Nikes though. Those were pretty cool.
Also at Fred Meyer... a lot happens at Fred Meyer... 
but anyway, at Chase bank inside Fred Meyer, my mom had to do something and one the bank tellers was like, "Oh my gosh! Your hair is so pretty!" And I look up from my phone and I brush through my hair with my fingers. I had been feeling so self conscious about my appearance yesterday because I was wearing no makeup, which is fine. But I did nothing with my hair and just left the house that way. And the pretty tellers at the Chase bank in Fred Meyer gave me a lovely compliment on my hair. The other teller asked me, "Is that how it dries? All wavy?" and I said, "Yeah, I brush it of course, but this is how it dries." I smile and she is just in awe. Then she says, "DON'T DYE IT! DON'T CUT IT! Keep it that way! It is beautiful! I wish I had your hair." and that totally made my day! It was awesome!
But I have a little secret... I am not ashamed of it and don't judge me because of it. I haven't washed my hair for like three days. BEFORE you say, "EWWW that's gross." Let me tell you something...Washing your hair every day is not good for your hair. Yes, I do that during school time, but in the summer, I am constantly swimming or just sitting around doing nothing and I don't need to wash my hair. Yeah, I rinse off, but I don't need to wash my hair. I can go a few days without washing my hair. PLUS, I do a deep conditioning, and if I wash my hair every day, I'd waste that deep conditioning. Don't get me wrong, I love taking showers and washing my hair. I just don't need to do that every day. Now, it's so gross. You just need to look at it in a different way. I love my hair!
I took this picture with my timer on my phone and it was for Instagram so I could tell my tail of the lovely compliment from the bank teller.
Yesterday was a good day! Got a lot done, and I got a compliment from the bank teller, I saw an extremely tall guy and the clouds were gorgeous when I got home. They were really pretty. Speckled and light pink. I love clouds.
There will be more posts to come! Don't you worry, my lovely readers. I haven't abandoned my blog. 
I will desert my blog. I love it too much. ha.
I will be spending the night at my friend, Kenzie's house tonight and there will be lots, or at least 2 blog posts tomorrow when I get back.
I am so excited! I haven't gotten together with Kenzie in a long time. It will be nice to catch up and make up. 
The only part I am nervous about is the driving part. My mom is letting me take her car and drive there by myself. It's near my high school, so I know how to get there. I just hope I don't get lost. ha.
I am excited though! 
Will post tomorrow when I return home!