Homemade (fudgy) M&Ms Chocolate Brownies

For the longest time, I have been wanting to make brownies with M&Ms. Brownies from scratch. Yesterday, I finally made them, but it didn't work out how I wanted. I found a simple recipe on line, from Tasty Kitchen. They turned out really yummy, just the baking part screwed me up. It was a really simple, easy recipe. They turned out delicious, and I am going to redo my brownies. Like... later this summer or later this year. I am going to perfect the M&M brownies. I have more plans to add to them. But, I am going to blog about my fudgy brownies.
This is what they look like:

What you will need:
~1/2 cups of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
~1/2 cups butter, melted
~1 cup granulated sugar
~2 whole eggs
~1 teaspoon vanilla extract
~1/4 teaspoons salt
~1/2 cups all purpose flour.
~M&Ms, or nuts or chocolate chips.
Whatever you wanna put in them. 

First, you preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Then, you grease an 8 inch square pan with vegetable oil or canola oil.
Then you get to making the brownies!
Melt the butter, and mix the cocoa powder and butter together. Combine well.
Next, add in the sugar...
Mix the cocoa and butter mixture with the sugar, and then add the eggs, vanilla, and flour. The recipe said go ahead and add an extra teaspoon of vanilla. 
Maybe that was my problem.... ha.
I don't think so though.
Beat the eggs into the mixture.
Next, mix it all together, but don't over stir it.  Just get all the flour mixed in.
Now add in the M&Ms.
I added A LOT!
Then, mix the M&Ms in with the batter, scrape the bowl and scoop it into the pan and then bake it for... well the recipe says 20 minutes. 
I baked it for 20 minutes and it was still REALLY BATTERY. I thought that I put it on for the wrong time, nope... I did everything correctly. The recipe misjudged cooking time. I ended up baking them for an hour. And they were still a little battery. I decided to just be done baking them, they will bake some more in the pan and I will let them dry a little bit. That really bugged me though! I baked them and baked them and they were still battery. I couldn't believe it. 
After the hour, I took them out. 
My tip for baking these. Bake them for 30 minutes at first. Then, stick a tooth pick or wooden skewer in the middle and the sides. If it comes out battery and soft and squishy in the middle, add 5 or 10 minutes. And just keep checking them till you are sick of getting up and down... kidding.... ha. 
Just bake them for 30 minutes first, then 20 minutes second, and then 10 minutes the last interval. I wish I would have figured that system out instead of baking them for 5 minutes at a time. Oh it was annoying. ha.
But, I took pictures this morning, let them kinda dry over night, and they turned out really yummy! 


  1. Must have been frustrating to keep on re-checking.. but hey they look yummy for sure :)

  2. Yeah, it was frustrating. But they did turn out so yummy!

  3. these look delicious! my daughter n I are chocolate obsessed i may have to try these ; )


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