Homemade Cocoa Caffeine Facial Mask

Oh, homemade facial masks. My specialty. My favorite. So refreshing and delightful, I love facials whether they are store bought, or homemade. This one is homemade and I love making homemade facial masks! Now, the title says 'cocoa' and 'caffeine'. This face mask is not edible! Ha. I mean, it is made with edible things, and if you eat it, it will probably just taste like dark chocolate brownie batter with coffee in it. I would rather not eat it though because it goes on your face. I found this recipe on About.com and they have a whole list of face mask recipes on here. I have tried a couple in the past, but I have always wanted to make a chocolate mask. They had a chocolate mask recipe on here and it was so easy! It requires ingredients that average joes like me have in their kitchen, on hand all the time. I love this list of Homemade Face Masks & Scrubs . They have a lot of good ones on there. This mask is called the Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask for All Skin Types  and what they mean by that is you can customize this mask to your skin type. You make substitutions, or if you want the fully loaded mask, you can add everything they ask for! I don't have super oily skin, I don't have super dry skin. I just have in the middle, normal skin. But it can be sensitive sometimes. So, I customized it to my skin type and it came out perfect. 
These are the ingredients I used in my face mask.
Caffeinated coffee grounds; unsweetened baking cocoa powder; Raw honey from Oregon; 1 large egg; and 1% Lowfat milk. 
If you click on the link of the cocoa facial mask, you can read all the different substitutions that you can do. Instead of using just 1 dairy product or an oil, I used two 'farm' products, the milk and the egg. I count that both as 'dairy'.
So, what I did first was I got out a little glass bowl and I took a large spoon and dug it into the cocoa powder and coffee and poured it into the little glass bowl. 
You can use any container and the real measurements are on the website that I linked you all to. I like to rough measure. It's a facial mask and I have made dozens. I know how much powder to make it the consistency I want. 
Now, cocoa powder and coffee decrease puffiness around the cheeks and eyes, brightens skin, and wakes you up! Cocoa powder has a bunch of benefits for your skin. In this mask, it also works as an exfoliant as well as a moisture saver and wake up for your skin. The coffee granules of course add the caffeine and the exfoliant as well.

Next, take the egg and in a separate container, beat the egg. The whole egg, use the whole egg. The yolk is for moisture in your skin and the egg white helps prevents wrinkles and it smoothes your skin. It also creates the mask base for your facial mask. You know how regular masks from the store harden after like 10 minutes, well the egg helps the mask harden like a regular mask.
So, now mix the egg and the cocoa/coffee mixture together. Use a fork, spoon or whisk. I used my mini whisk and it was kind of hard getting everything from out of the middle of the whisk. I'd use a fork. :)
Next, add in the honey. I probably added 1/2 teaspoon into the mixture. Honey adds antioxidants and moisture to your skin. Honey has been used through the ages, it has been said that Cleopatra used to take milk and honey baths to improve her skin. 
I like to use the raw honey. The honey you buy not in the organic/wellness section or honey that you don't buy at an organic health foods store is not honey. That is honey syrup. It is just syrup that tastes like honey and that is gross. I like to get the real honey, which you can find IN the organic/wellness section of your regular grocery store or in the Organic health foods stores. I love raw honey.
When you add in the honey, finish mixing and then add a tiny bit of milk. Just to add a little more moisture. Milk is a natural lightener for your skin. I use this example a lot, but my sister is allergic to certain chemicals in certain face washes and shampoos and soaps. One time, she used a new face wash of mine and her skin got all red and blotchy. I told her to use milk, and about a half an hour later, her skin was evened out, and the red blotches were gone. 
Also, milk helps get rid of acne. When I break out a lot, mostly on my forehead, It doesn't happen often, but  I do break out, I use milk to wash to my face and in about two days, they are gone. Milk is wonderful. Milk is splendid. I added it in there just for those purposes. 
Another thing milk does is it adds moisture.
So, now you stir it all together. Stir it good. With a fork or spoon. Don't over stir it. 
If you make it right, you will end up with the perfect facial mask consistency. 
I was so excited with how it turned out.
All I did was splash my face with warm water, and then I dried my face off, then applied the mask.
I like to open up my pores before I put on any mask. Warm water opens pores, cold water closes pores.
I thought it would be funny for the pictures if it looked like I was trying to lick my mask off my face. ha. 
That is what I am doing in the pictures with my tongue.
I left the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then I rinsed with cold water to close off my pores. I toned my face with Sea Breeze astringent for sensitive skin, moisturized my face with my facial moisturizer and then voila! I am beautiful. ha.
I love facial masks! I love natural facial masks! 
They are awesome and amazing! 
If you are worried about the chocolate staining your face, don't be. Obviously, the chocolate did not stain my face or my clothes. You just have to wash it off. If you want chocolate to stain your face, I am sure there is a recipe on google for homemade self tanning lotion or serum. I am sure Google has it. Or even try About.com. I am sure they have something.
But for now, just take care of your skin and keep it healthy! 
Hope you enjoyed!