Homemade Baked Chicken Strips

I was inspired to do chicken strips for some reason... I don't remember what caused me to want to make chicken strips. I did though and they turned out great! Chicken strips are probably easiest things that a person could make. The only hard part is cutting up the raw chicken. Now, you have to be careful with raw chicken. I hope everybody knows this. Dealing with raw chicken is not dangerous, you just have to be careful, wash your hands and sanitize anything that touches the raw chicken, and wipe off the counters with a good, organic safe spray. I have dealt with raw chicken a few times now, sometimes I grill it, sometimes I bake it, sometimes I fry it. Today, I baked my chicken strips. They were super tasty and super easy to make! 
Here is what they will look like:

What you will need is: 
~3 chicken breasts- or 3 chicken fillets
~about 2-3 cups of bread crumbs
~about 2 cups of flour
~2-3 large eggs
~about a tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar
~an array of spices, you can choose your own. 
(I used all different kinds. whatever you'd like to use.)
~Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To start out, thaw out some chicken. We always have frozen chicken around, so I moved all but three pieces of chicken into another bag so I wouldn't have to thaw out the whole bag. Since the bag of chicken had only like, 8 pieces in it, I moved the extra 5 pieces into another chicken bag. I don't want to thaw out chicken that I am not using. It is wasteful, unnecessary and can be unhealthy.
I just used to Kroger brand of chicken.
I filled up the sink with hot water, and let them thaw for about an hour and a half. 
The first thing I did was cover a plate in foil. I didn't want to dirty and contaminate everything I used, so I used tin foil over it. I put it in the dishwasher after I was done anyway, so I guess I didn't need the tin foil. It made easy clean up though. No rinsing off or anything.
After it thawed, and you are ready to move on to actually preparing them, before you start, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 
Then start preparing.
I used these chicken sheers that we have to cut the chicken. I held a piece of chicken with tongs and cut the chicken into strips.
 Then I got the mixtures ready. I cracked two eggs into a bowl, whisked them together; Added some pepper, just regular black ground pepper and I sprinkled in some salt and then added in the balsamic vinegar. 
With the bread crumbs, I added some ground pepper and some salt. Then I just threw in an array of spices. I threw in ground mustard, and a meat rub that we got at my Uncle and Aunt's wedding that is just garlic powder and some other spices. You can pretty much use any spice. Just use spices that you might use to grill the chicken with or whatever you use to bake your chicken. Like special grilling spices or special chicken spices. Whatever you want to use. 
With the flour, I just put that in a separate bowl, and sprinkled a little bit of pepper in it. Just a dash.
As you can see in the background of the picture, there is a pan with tin foil and olive oil on it. I like to use Extra Virgin olive oil. It brings out the taste and adds a little taste to it. It just makes the whole recipe and helps the bread crumbs stick to the chicken. 
I covered a pan with tin foil and then drizzled a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on the foil covered pan...
I always like to cover the pans with tin foil, it makes for easy clean up. I actually go the idea off of Gilmore Girls believe it or not. ha. 
Also, when you are grilling, you should grill in tin foil, like if you are grilling chicken or streak. Grill in tin foil! It keeps all the juices in and keeps it tender and... I am going to say this word... I hate this word, moist! It keeps the meat moist. I hate it when the meat gets to be so dry, and so rough and tough. When you grill in tin foil and use sauces and marinade with the meat, the tin foil just keeps it all together. Tin foil rocks!
Next, you are going to take the tongs and grab the chicken with them. You are now going to dip the chicken strips into the mixtures. 
You can let them soak in there if you'd like to add more flavor, but I didn't let them soak in the egg. I just wanted to get it done. I rush...
This is how I do it. 
I first dip it and roll it in the egg and balsamic vinegar mixture...
(This looks gross, I know...)
Then I roll it in the flour mixture...
You can barely see it! ah!
It's there though!
Then I put it in the bread crumb and spices mixture. I pile on the bread crumbs so that they stick. Don't know why I was having such a hard time making the bread crumbs stick.
Later, when we ate them, my sister said that they had too many bread crumbs on them but they are so good.
It's because after I was all done with all the chicken strips, dipping them and rolling them in the mixtures, I drizzled some olive oil on top of them and added the rest of the bread crumbs over them. 
I guess that is why they had a little too much of the bread crumbs, but I like a lot of bread crumbs. I thought they were fabulous!
After all of them covered, you can do what I did. Drizzle some olive oil on them and add the remaining bread crumbs over them to give them another coating of bread crumbs. You can do this, you don't have to. It adds more flavor, but makes them more crumbly and yummy.
Once it is all gone, and all the chicken is taken care of and on the pan, and covered in bread crumbs, put it in the oven for ten minutes. Actually, you bake them for 40 minutes, but check every ten minutes, so in four intervals. Every 10 minutes of the 40 minutes you bake them, check them and make sure they are not burnt. Mine didn't turn out burnt. The recipe that I used for baking time and temperature said to just bake it till golden brown. Well, that doesn't help much... 
So, I just kept doing 10 minutes and after 40 minutes, they were done and perfect. So, just check after every 10 minutes. 
This whole recipe is mine except for the baking temperature. That is all. I got that off a cooking website. 
But this whole recipe is my own. I'm so proud!
Once they come out of the oven, let them cool for about 2 minutes. 2 minutes is really all they need to cool. Although, I took pictures of them before I ate them... so give them about 5 to 8 minutes to cool. 
Serve them up with ranch or BBQ sauce, or whatever sauce you prefer and enjoy them! 
I hope you like them!
I loved them!
Instagram picture...
MMMM MMMM yummy!!
I am a huge fan of chicken strips and these are delectable. Especially with ranch. Super yum!
Hope you try out my recipe and enjoy your chicken strips!
I am such a foodie. lol


  1. Yum, these look delicious, I will have to give this a try, I love the idea of adding Balsamic vinegar (my favorite), sounds great!

    1. The Balsamic Vinegar actually made a big difference. I was a little nervous about adding it in at first, but it was perfectly fine and it tasted awesome! So yes, I recommend using Balsamic Vinegar in the egg mixture or drizzle some like I did with the olive oil. I am going to experiment with a lot of other different chicken strip recipe things. I am obsessed with breaded chicken. :)


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