Easy Hershey Chocolate No Bake Pie

This recipe is so easy! It's a great dessert and a great tasty treat! It only involves three ingredients and when it is all done and made, it tastes like heaven! Now, I made this with my friend, Kenzie, and I wasn't at my house and I was going too fast, so I didn't take quite the result pictures that I usually do. Which is ok, because these result pictures are cute! And still tasty. 
It doesn't usually look like this, but the pie crust was crumbly and it kind of fell apart, but it is so yummy!
This is not what it will look like, but this is what mine looked like. Just because the pie crust was being transported everywhere. ha.

What you will need for this recipe:
~1 GIANT Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar
~1 tub of cool whip
~1 pre-made graham cracker/oreo pie crust (You can find it in the baking aisle of the grocery store)

So, first of all... you can use a double broiler, OR, you can just use a make shift double broiler. All you need is a sauce pan, and a glass bowl or bowl that is safe to get hot. 
All you do is you fill the sauce pan with water, put the bowl in the sauce pan, but don't let it touch the water. Have the bowl be big enough so just the bottom of the bowl fits into the rim of the pan. It will be easy, just has to be big enough, but can't be totally inside the pan. 
It will look like this...
The reason why you want a double broiler or a makeshift double broiler is because chocolate is easy to burn. So, instead of having it directly near the heat, you can kind of space it out a little. It makes it easier for the chocolate not to burn. 
Next, you take the Giant Hershey bar and break it up into the squares or into the fourths. Just break it up. Make it fit and make it easy to melt.
You want to keep stirring it so it never settles in one spot. If it does settle, it could burn. You have to be very gentle and careful when melting chocolate. Stirring it also helps keep it's shine.
After the chocolate bar is all melted, take the bowl from the pan and put it somewhere where it can cool off. Now, I don't think we waited long enough for it to cool off all the way, and it turned out just a bit liquidy. But that's ok. I prefer it to be a little more solid, so I'd wait just a little bit. For it to be totally cooled off or mostly cooled off. We didn't wait, we just wanted chocolate. ha.
Once it does cool off though, just keep the chocolate in the bowl, and take out the cool whip. Scrape the whole tub into the bowl and mix it in with the chocolate.
She is so cute. ha.
Once it is all mixed in, open the pie crust and have it all ready. Pour the chocolate/cool whip filling into the pie crust. 
You don't need a topping over it. Like... no crust topping. But the pie crust should come with a plastic lid, so definitely put that over it and put it in the fridge for about maybe... 3 to 5 hours. Overnight would preferable. You see... we did everything too fast. We just wanted our chocolate and there was no stopping us! ha. But it is nice to let it sit in the fridge over night. 
This was our final results. YUMMOOO!!!
Happy Campers.
This pie is so yummy! You will love it!
It is seriously the easiest recipe ever!
Hope you enjoyed! And I hope you enjoy the pie, if you make it!
This recipe is REAL! My grandma makes this pie all the time. It is not made up and it works. Just letting you know.