DIY: Wreck This Journal. Make Your Own!

I said this yesterday, and I am going to say it again! I have been obsessed with Wreck This Journal for... well all weekend long. It's a new trend and it's lots of fun. Lot's of creation and lots of color. Lot's of awesome. I decided on Saturday, when my grandma gave me some composition books, she got them free from Office Depot and thought I'd like them. I DO! I love composition books. I write my stories in them, I do whatever with them. This time, I made a DIY Wreck This Journal. It's so easy!
First of all, you have to get a composition book. You can get them from Office Depot or even Dollar Tree. It can be wide ruled or college ruled. I have a wide ruled one. 
They are super duper cheap and they are handy and you can get crafty... I am such a cheese.
Second, you can either print off the logo of Wreck This Journal, or trace it. Since my printer isn't working, I had to trace it. This new printer we have... it sucks... 
It stops MID PRINT! What the heck....
But tracing it wasn't that hard at all.
And then you color in the outlines of the words with black marker or sharpie.
I did it with both and it looks great!
I know that Wreck This Journal is copyrighted, but Keri Smith is not getting cheated out of it, I am going to purchase one of her books! I want Wreck This Journal! 
But for the mean time, this is a fun project.
Next, you get all your supplies together: Comp book; 'Wreck This Journal' tracing; scissors; duct tape/masking tape; Scotch Tape.
Now, cut out the tracing and put it on the comp book. I used Scotch tape to secure it on there at first, and then used silver Duct Tape to give it a rustic look.
I wanted to make mine a little differently. On Keri Smith's book, it has 'masking tape', I wanted to be a little different. It looks great though! 
I love it!
I got started right away... after I went swimming. The very first page, I colored the entire page! I love pages like that. It's so cool. 
And I love all the colors involved. I did kind of paisly pattern and I used mostly neon colors. I am going to do more pages where I color the whole page. This was just the first one.
I added a sticker page, a page dedicated to putting only stickers on there. I will show that page when I get some stickers on it or once it is all filled up. The next page I did was a 'Draw 1 thing over and over again'.
I want to have my own instructions on top of the page, but also use some of the original ones that is in the actual Wreck This Journal book.
I drew mustaches over and over again! I love mustaches.
I made a little collage for Instagram to show off my project. I think it looks good!
I love this collage. It shows off my work, and the colors POP!
My new journal is so awesome! I am going to carry it around with me everywhere and mess it up. This journal is the place to NOT BE PERFECT. If there are scribble lines, oh well. haha. 
That's why it is called: Wreck This Journal :)
I love it!


  1. Loved the idea of a "place to NOT TO BE PERFECT" and the INSPIRE page is awesome! Courty, your blog is wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much, Anna! Yes. I have a problem with trying to be perfect with everything. Sophomore year ruined me for that. But this is my place to not be perfect and color outside the lines! Awww! I love hearing that my blog is wonderful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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