Delizza Petite Chocolate Eclair Review

I am so sorry I haven't been on in like five days, I went on a 'camping' trip over the weekend and yesterday, I just wanted to relax. I am so sore. I will tell you all about it in the camping trip post. I need to wait because a friend of mine is posting her pictures on facebook and she said I could snag a few from her for my blog. Anyway, yesterday I came up with a list of blog projects and then they all flooded to me. I love how my mind thinks in terms of blog projects. I just idea after idea like a chain or something. 
So... this post is about Delizza Mini Chocolate Eclairs. These are not new to me. I tried them last summer and fell in love with them! They are a perfect frozen treat and I wanted to tell my readers, my beautiful/handsome readers about the things I love. Right now it is about my eclairs!
Or, Delizza's eclairs.
They are delicious! They are kinda spendy though, but they last a while if you eat a few at a time.
They are very simple to make. You take them out of the freezer, open the box, pick how many you want, set them on a plate, let them thaw for like thirty minutes to an hour or 45 minutes to an hour, and then once they are thawed, enjoy! Bon Appetit! 
They are so delicious! Oh! Delizza-Delicious. I wonder if there is a connection. 
I should google it after this post. 
You can find them at any super market or grocery store in the frozen section. I am a fan of the frozen section.
Even though I can cook and bake, the frozen section is my Product review pick mall. I get to have the pick of the place and choose what ever I want to do a product review on. 
I like to pick good things because I want to enjoy my food as well.
I hope you give Delizza's Eclairs a try. Delizza also has cream puffs and other flavors of the eclairs. They are a patisserie! So, they have a lot and they are all found in the frozen section! 
So delicious! 
I give Delizza's eclairs a 5/5! They are wonderful and they taste delicious. Since yesterday was so hot, my mom came home with Delizza Eclairs, I immediately took some out of the box, and set them on the plate... I guess the pictures above tell the story pretty well, but after they thawed and after I took pictures of them for the blog, I then sat down and ate them. It was a perfect hot summer day treat! 
Super yummy. 


  1. Yum, these are one of our favorite treats as well, we also like Delizza Cream Puffs, perfect size little mini treats. :)

    1. They are perfect little mini treats! So delicious and cute. :) I love eclairs. These have inspired me to maybe make my own! :)


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