A Vent About School Schedules and a little message to the Administration of Gresham Barlow school district (you suck)

I hate the new 7 period schedule. I hate it. I am taking CAL, but not able to take French 5-6. I was told I would be able to take French 5-6. It seems like everything sucks right now. Everything but little things that make me happy for a few moments. Lots of things are making me sad and unhappy. It seems as though I am never happy and never have friends and then crap like this happens. All I wanted this year was to be in CAL and step toward my goal of being a nurse and take French 5-6 and be in Scholars of Distinction. But... of course the kids doing CAL, taking the step above and beyond anyone else get slapped because they can't make all the Scholars of Distinction cuts. They can't possibly make it. I want to make it. I am going above and beyond and I will do anything to take French all four years of high school. My mom and I had a huge blow out tantrum together over the schedule. It sucks. I like the block schedule more. It's more convenient and lets the kids take the classes they want. Lets the teachers actually do their lecture and gives the kids time to work. It's so much more work- and student friendly than the 7 period schedule. The 7 period schedule is such bother. I hate it. I really wanted to take French 5-6 and 7-8. I wanted to go far in French. Mom told me something though made me a little less sad, but still plenty upset about my school schedule because I already am upset. What she said was very inspiring, it was a simple little thing, and most people know about it anyway. I can take French in college. I have already completed my two years of a foreign language to graduate, so I don't have to. But I want to take it. And I want to take it with Mrs. Kopperman as my teacher. In college, I won't have Mrs. Kopperman. It's the fact that I love that teacher and I love how I was one of her favorites. At least, I was treated so well in that class and I loved her and she was my favorite. My favorite teacher because I have had her for two years in a row. I hope there is something that can be done so that I can take French 5-6. I bet there are a lot of disappointed kids. STUPID GRESHAM/BARLOW SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION! This is a little message to you: You don't care about kids and their feelings or wants or needs. Yeah, you care about their mandatory needs but not their real needs. Like interesting things at school. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS SAVING A PRETTY PENNY! Well I wish I could cuss without feeling guilty... I mean, I wouldn't because I am not that kind of person, but I will say SCREW THE GRESHAM BARLOW SCHOOL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION AND ADMINISTRATOR. So what we got rid of ONE class. yeah, we had 8 classes but now we got rid of one! I want to call them so many nasty names and it wouldn't even help. They decide whatever they want to decide. They decide what ever is convenient for them. But they don't care about the teachers or the students. They care about money. The school system sucks right now. The school system sucks. Even though sophomore year was stressful and I cried a whole lot and I lost so many friends, it was still the best high school year. Freshmen year sucked. I liked sophomore year, even though all I did was do homework and cry and stress. I wish we still the block schedule. I feel like a walking coma... nobody listens or cares and I am just gliding through life without a realization of anything. I hate it all. I really don't know how I am going to do this. I will do anything to take French 5-6 and if it is not possible, I will take it in College. CAL is really, a truly wonderful program and I am shooting for to be a nurse. That is my goal, so I am going to make it happen. With CAL, I can achieve that. I will achieve that. If I have to wait to take French in college, I will. High school is only four years long, and some people will enjoy it and have it be the time of their lives. For other people, like me, it will suck mostly and then the rest of their lives will be the time of their lives. I actually feel sorry for the other half. If they are going to only have four years be the time of their lives, that is really sad. 
I have gone way off of what I was on here to vent about, but the point is, I am upset and I am very angry at the schedule. 
I have to remind myself, everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.