Weekend Recap

This last weekend has been very busy for me! I had some relaxing times, and a lot of busy-ness. Saturday morning, I woke up and messed around on my blog, checking for updates and things.
I went on paperblog, just to find some fun blogs to read. I actually have a follower that found me on paperblog and we keep in touch through blogging and twitter and tumblr. It's fun. I wanted to find some blogs to hang out with on paperblog. I was searching through the self-expression section of the site, looking for blogs and I stumbled upon my own blog articles! I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even looking. I am signed on with paperblog, and I do have my blog on there, so I wasn't that surprised, but it was really cool seeing my articles on there!
 I then took a shower after looking at blogs and wasting time and when I got out, Brittney said that she was making mini pizzas for us out of the left over pizza dough from the dinner from Friday night. They were so good! Also on Friday, at Fred Meyer, I got some Yogi Detox tea. I am into detoxing now and I wanted to try out this tea. So, with my pizza, I made some tea to drink.Yogi tea tastes so good! And the pizza did too! Courtesy of Brittney.
Since I had a birthday party to go to on Saturday night, I started getting ready for the party. As I was eating some lunch, the FedEx truck stops by and races to the door, opens the door, leaves and rushes off. Brittney goes to open the door and a little package is there. She reads who it is for and it's for me! It clicks that it is my shirt from American Eagle. You see, about a week ago, I got a direct message on Twitter from American Eagle saying that they wanted to give me a free t-shirt and what is my shirt size and mailing address. I knew it was the REAL american eagle because of their name and I have been tweeting about them forever! I give them a good name on Twitter. So I responded with my shirt size and mailing address and on Saturday, it came!! I was so excited. I opened the package and my shirt came out and an envelope. I opened the envelope and American Eagle hand wrote me a letter! That was so cool! I made a collage for instagram about the shirt and letter. The t-shirt is so soft and I love it! 
It was the coolest thing! I finished getting ready and my mom came home to take me to Target to finish up the building of my friend's birthday present. We spent about 30 minutes at Target grabbing and deciding on everything to give her. $30 later, we were out of the store and I was wrapping it on the way home. ha! So, we get home and I do some last minute touch ups and mom does some last minute touch ups to the present and we go and I get dropped off at the party. The party that I was worried about going actually turned out to be a lot of fun! I made some friends and talked about mutual friends from other high schools or from the same high school. It was a lot of fun! Since I live right down the street from my friend that had the birthday party, I sprinted home because it got dark. I don't like walking home in the dark, it makes me nervous! So, I just sprinted home and it was actually really fun and the adrenaline rush was kinda cool. Never doing it again, but if I have to, I know what to do. 
The next day, Sunday, Yesterday, I woke up and my dad was making waffles for breakfast. YUM! After breakfast, my mom, my sister and I all got ready to go help my mom's friends pack. They live in a big house and have a lot of little fragile knick knack things. She wanted us to help pack instead of movers who might break something just to get it all in. She knew we were careful. After three hours of packing up, we got paid and we went home. I was going to make milkshakes, but never got around to it. I might do it today. Make a different cake batter milk shake. :) The cousins were over and they made lemonade. The house smelled very strongly of lemons. It was making me light headed a little bit. After they left, I relaxed and watched some episodes of Good Luck Charlie... I know what you are thinking, why is a 16 year old girl watching a Disney Channel show? Well, it's not stupid like the others. It's actually worth watching and it's not dumb. It has reason and it's cute. I finally got to the end of season 2 and there were no more episodes left! I was so sad. It's because it's a newer show and season three is going on right now, so once season three is done, I'm sure it will show up on Netflix. :) Hopefully. 
I looked outside and it had stopped raining. The sun was out and it looked like a really lovely evening. I grabbed my headphones and my phone and I went outside and sat on my swing on the swingset. I turned my Pandora and listened to a whole bunch of good songs. This is my summer tradition and my third year of going outside and chilling on the swing, listening to music till all hours of the night. Watching the clouds merge and the sun set, making the sky and clouds all different colors. Watching planes fly by and wondering where they are going or wishing I was on the plane. Witnessing the sky getting darker and darker and letting my imagination run wild over the future or book ideas or 'what could have been', like those scenarios where you wish that you could have yelled at that certain someone and never did because you're a kid and the other person is an adult. I love spending time outside! 
Recently, I have found a new singing group that I really like. They are called Parachute. I listened to them all while I was studying for Finals and they come up on my Pandora station for The Script all the time. Well, two of their songs really stood out to me last night, "Kiss Me Slowly" and "Forever and Always" were two really good songs of theirs that touched me last night. "Kiss Me Slowly" just made me plain happy and smiley. "Forever and Always" made drastic changes in my emotions. First, I was happy crying, than I was sad crying, sad crying HARD. It was such a sad song.
Once I kinda got over that, more great songs played and I looked up into the sky and I was so amazed by the clouds. As you all know, I have a thing for clouds. They are gorgeous and remind me God's wonderful creations. I  really like the clouds that are reflecting color, due to a sunrise or sunset. In this case, it was a sunset.
Truly made last night magical. All swinging and music nights are magical, but ones with pretty clouds really stand out to me. 
As I was swinging, my kitty Punky was resting in the flower beds. I would behind and over my shoulder to see him and he would look so cute. I took some pictures because he was laying in cute positions or his face was all cute. One picture in particular I was really happy about getting! His eyes were closed and his head is resting on his paw. His paw is perched on the lawn. It's so adorable!
I love that big fluff monster. 
I ended up staying out there until like 10:00 at night and then I went inside and watched Cheers before bed. 
This last weekend was pretty fun! This week is gonna be fun too! I'm going to be making a lot of fun blog projects and blogging about a lot of cool things. 
Happy Blogging!


  1. Interesting video with your sister!
    The sunset cloud pictures are awesome! :)

    1. Thank you! We're goofs. ha. Yes, the clouds are absolutely beautiful in the summer, so I try and catch them at every opportunity I get. :) Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm so sorry it has taken me a year to reply... I guess I didn't see the comment. Urgh... I need to be more diligent about that.


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