Transform Your Food: Change It Up/Fancify It

Recently, I have been getting a lot of food stuffs from tumblr. Pictures of food that really inspire me! Also, I am inspiring myself. Since Monday, I have been trying to put together a recipe to fancify top ramen. The $.10 cent to $.50 cent top ramen packages that come in a block of hard noodles? The high in sodium, poor man's meal... well, even though I am not poor, I still eat it! I don't know why I love it so much, I guess the taste is just really good! One time, in seventh grade, for a science project/presentation that the 8th graders were giving, (the seventh graders were the viewers), they were doing something on fish, and to make their presentation just a bit more memorable, they gave out little servings of top ramen with salmon and yummy herbs. I have always remembered that and I have wanted to fancify top ramen for myself! So, I created a recipe yesterday! I made my fancified top ramen yesterday and it was delightful!
I will post the actual recipe post for it later today or on Sunday night, I don't have my camera with me at the moment, and the recipe pictures on it, so I can't post the recipe for it. I did take a picture of the finished product with my iPhone, and it does just as good for a camera.
It looks so good! 
I grilled chicken, let it soak in teryaki sauce. I chopped up tomatoes and green onions. 
Last night, when we were at Walmart, we got one of my favorite yogurts, YoCrunch! I love YoCrunch! It's plain vanilla yogurt and in the lid, it has M&M's or Oreo cookie crumbles or Reeses Pieces. YoCrunch has all kinds of yogurt toppings. Well, we got the M&M's kind, and I made up a way to fancify the YoCrunch yogurt into a great yogurt breakfast for this morning.
I made this one today...
You start with the YoCrunch, you scoop it all into a separate bowl. Then you rinse off some berries, dry them off and throw them in the yogurt. Next, you add in the M&M's, then lastly, you drizzle some organic raw honey over it all and bon appetit!
I made a collage of the process...
Yesterday, I was browsing through my tumblr dashboard. Looking at other people's posts. I found the most delectable picture! I picture of a macaroni and cheese sandwich! These people made macaroni and cheese, they toasted bread and put the macaroni and cheese in between the slices. It looked easy and it looked super delicious. A new way to eat toasted cheese sandwich, with a twist!
I made this one today too...
I took pictures of the process:  I had to use my iPhone because I don't have my camera with me right now.
I used Kraft macaroni and cheese and Franz white bread
I like to use a wooden spoon when I make macaroni and cheese.
Once the macaroni noodles are all boiled and soft, I strain them, then put them back into the pan. I add about 1/3 cup of butter, about 2 tablespoons of milk and then the cheese powder. 
After I mix it all up, I put extra cheese in there. I put a bunch of shredded cheese in the pot and melt that cheese to make the macaroni and cheese extra cheesy!
I also add some ham into it. It tastes so much better with little add-ins.
I set the macaroni and cheese on low heat. I added a little bit of milk to keep it from drying out.
Moving onto the bread.
I put a little bit of extra virgin olive oil in the pan first.
I butter the top sides of the bread as well. It toasts faster that way.
I lay the topsides of the bread down on the pan...
And wait for them to toast. 
After they are done toasting, I scoop some of the macaroni and cheese onto the bread slices and smoosh them together...
I also cut them in triangles...
Then I made my T.G.I. Friday's buffalo bites, and added them to lunch :)
It was a great combination.
That little meal was the BOMB!! It was fantastic and super delicious! 
It was so easy to make and it gave me a blog project!
Another thing that is different, that I had for a late dinner last night was vegetarian lasagna. My family went meatless last night for dinner, and I have to say it was pretty darn good.
My mom made this last night...
The point of this post is that when you try something new, you might end up liking it. Most people know that, but I just gave you some ideas to give a little twist to your meals :)
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. What delicious posts, your Maple Bars look wonderful, I will have to give that recipe a try some time, I love maple bars. Your fancy ramen looks yummy (Sarah and Joe love Ramen too)and we will have to try that mac and cheese sandwich, how fun. Your sky pictures are great, I love how you got them to flip back and forth, I may have to have Joe teach me how to do that some time, he loves Graphic Arts, the technology is a bit daunting to me at times. They look really cool, especially the lightening pics. Fun Reads!


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