Smiley Moments: 51 Simple Things

I logged onto facebook this morning, and found pictures of my Uncle and new Aunt's wedding! I was smiling so big and I was giggling to myself. It was really cool to be apart of the wedding and it was fantastic to witness their wedding. I love being apart of the Biggs family and I wouldn't want it any other way! We are hopefully getting a disc or something of all the pictures because I was in some of the pictures, like the family pictures before the wedding, and I loved being a part of that! It was so special watching that event! That wonderful event! My Uncle Randy and my [now] Aunt Aimee are very special to me and they are wonderful people! Anyway, this inspired me to write about things that make me happy! Things that make me smile and things that make me proud. I was searching for something to blog about today, like surfing Pinterest and surfing other blogs and instagram to find something to blog about! Well I finally figured it out! And once I figured this blog post out, ideas just came rushing to me! So, now I have my work cut out for me today!
This blog post will be about the simple things that people forget sometimes. Not forget, but they don't include... little things in life that just occur or like special smells that remind you of someone or scenic things. The simplicity of smiles!
These are the things that make me smile or happy or put me in a fantastic good mood!
The 50 simple things....
1.) Clothes just out of the dryer! - I love it when they are thrown on the couch, and I jump onto the pile of warm clothes, and I just snuggle. It sounds like a kid thing... but I will always love that fresh warm feeling of clothes just out of the dryer! 
2.) In the Winter, waking up to find snow on the ground! - Especially on a school day! Yes, that still makes me happy! 
3.) Loud 'Feel Good' music! - I am not a party girl at all! But, when I am with friends, and I know the song, it's fun to jump around to it and sing along with it. I love when the music is loud and I am care free and focused on having fun. I know... it sounds like something a party girl would say, but I am not a party girl! I just love that feeling... don't know how else to describe it. But I love it!
4.) When my kitty, Punky snuggles up to me. - That is a great feeling! When he rubs his head against my arm and he is being lovy dovy. I love that! 
And also when he is doing something crazy!
Such as: sleeping like this...
5.)  Cupcakes! I am a cupcake girl! - I love decorating and baking and best of all, taking pictures of cupcakes once they are all done!
These cupcakes are my proud moment! I made them in November!
They were my pumpkin cream cheese filled cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. These cupcakes were an all day event!
6.) Long car rides! - I love long road trips! That means I have lots of free time and I can sleep, or write or just brain storm or day dream! I love car rides. You can dress comfy and eat junk and it's fabulous!
7.) Baby giggles! 
8.) Long hair
9.) Garlic bread
10.) Fireworks!
11.) Sunsets
12.) Sunrises
13.) The Ocean/Beach
14.) The smell of a lawn right after it is mowed
15.) The smell of outside right after it stops raining
16.) Dancing in the rain- One of my favorite things to do during the summer, on a day it rains is to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and go outside in the rain with my ipod or sometimes not even with iPod, and get my hair drenched with rain water! I love that! Rain water always makes my hair pretty after it dries.
17.) Newborns - I love babies! I can't wait to have my own some day!
18.) Country fields - I want to get married in field, that is how much I love fields! And this blog is kind of centered around the country love and I have a field on my header picture! Yes, I love country fields!
19.) Big country homes! - I hope to, one day, live in a lovely country home! With some property so I can have a really nice back yard! When I drive down a country road, I love spotting the pretty country houses and dream about my future country home!
20.) The smell of cinnamon and cloves on Christmas or Thanksgiving
21.) Finding the perfect pair of jeans, they are on sale and they are my size! - It's happened a lot! 
22.) Going outside, swinging on my swing on the swing set and listening to my iPod.
23.) Crying because you are so happy! - I cried because I was so happy at my Uncle and [now] Aunt's wedding! It was beautiful! (The reason for this one being yellow & gray is because those colors were my aunt and uncle's wedding colors!)
24.) Flying on a plane! - Sometimes at night it gives me the jitters, and sometimes flying on a plane gives me bad head aches and sinus problems for a few hours after landing, but I still love flying on a plane! It's the same reason for the car rides!
25.) Waking up and your room is filled with natural sun light! - Happens all the time in the summer! It's beautiful and for the rest of the day, you don't need to turn on your light at all!
26.) Going to mall at Christmas Time! All the mall decorations!
27.) Getting an awesome grade on a test!
28.) Getting a package in the mail!
29.) Getting a really long nice 'letter' through text/mail
30.) Weddings
31.) God (of course)
32.) Summer nights at 90 degrees means a treat from 7/11
33.) The smell of lavender 
34.) Finishing all my homework at school so I have no homework at home!
35.) Laughing so hard it hurts!
36.) Laughing so hard that I start to cry!
37.) Waterfalls
(Me at Wahkeena falls, my favorite waterfall!)
38.) Really crazy big roller coasters!
39.) When someone surprises me with a Starbucks drink
40.) When I give someone a gift and seeing their face! - Like a friend at a birthday party or a family member! And especially when I made the gift and worked hard on it! I love giving! 
41.) A really good piece of chocolate cake/pie/chocolate anything! 
42.) Capturing a perfect shot for a picture! -I have so many pictures! haha. So many perfect ones! I wish I could chose just one... and wow that sounded so conceited, but I am gonna say, I am a good photographer for an amateur! I have loved photography for years now and I am pretty good at it! I have been paid to take people's pictures and I have gotten a lot of compliments on my pictures. I am really proud of them!
43.) Giving/getting a compliment to/from a stranger.
44.) Finding a song that sounds good to my ear and playing it over and over again!
45.) Being bored! - Since all of sophomore year was basically filled with stress, and I didn't have a moment to relax, being bored during the summer is wonderful! I appreciate being bored. 
46.) Maple doughnut bars - With bacon!
47.) When I get a new comment/follower on my blog
48.) Really good food! 
49.) Family and Friends! When we all have a great time!
(My sixteenth birthday party!)
50.) I am going to leave this one up above. Like... in the air. Lots of things make me happy. Just breathing every day makes me happy and being around people who love me. I am thankful for a lot of things and sometimes, I don't act like I am thankful, but really I am. My parents and everybody knows it. Lots of things put a smile on my face. On Christmas Day, I was analyzing and thinking about some things, and yeah I was happy about my gifts, but they don't really matter. I was more excited about spending time with my family and hanging out with them. Eating really good food and just talking with them. Number fifty of the things that make me happy is up in the air, number fifty is all of the above and more!
Of course there are lots more things that make me happy or proud, but these are the simple things. They are fabulous simple things and I love everything about them!
Let's make life beautiful! 
Ok... I had to add one...
51.) Clouds- I love clouds! Cloud pictures, cloud designs! Clouds are my favorite thing to take pictures of! I absolutely love clouds!
That picture above was actually taken with my phone! :) Yeah. haha. Wow. Oh, and this was NOT edited. was not edited. 
All of the pictures on this post are my own! :)
Again... now ending the post... let's live life beautiful! 


  1. Wonderful list, I love thinking about things like this. :)

    1. Thank you! So do I! A few summers ago, I wrote down everything! It was like 10 note book pages long. haha.

  2. I liked point 51 - the picture is just beautiful. Wow!!!

    1. Thank you! I actually took that picture with my iPhone! It's got awesome quality to the picture. Clouds make me smile :)


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