Pinterest Inspired: DIY T-shirt into a Tank Top!

I have had this old shirt for a couple years. I got Christmas break of freshman year. It got ruined in the wash a year ago and I was so sad! It was a pretty bird shirt and so cute. It was from Aerie and I loved that shirt! It didn't get totally ruined, just some bleached spots. I was so sad. Well, when I got a pinterest, I had been seeing these pins about turning an old t-shirt into a cute, flowy tank top. Those popular ones that are out now! I have been wanting to do it, but have never had the courage to actually cut up a shirt. I figured with this one that it wouldn't matter, since I don't wear it anyway. I wanted to keep it so I could maybe make a pillow out of it... but this way... it is still a shirt and I can still wear it and I gave it a cute new flare! This is the pinterest pin that inspired me and made it look so easy, and it really is so easy: DIY Tank Top Pinterest Pin
I did do kind of a step-by-step process picture with this one...
Sort of...
I started with a whole bird t-shirt...
Then I cut it up.
And tried it on...and liked it a lot!
This is a collage I made for instagram and tumblr :)
It shows all the steps and me wearing it and the shirt on the hanger.
It shows it as a tank top instead of a short sleeve. I wanted my readers to see the difference. 
I am so proud of my shirt! I might tie ribbons around the straps or make it cross back with ribbons, I am not sure yet.... I like the way it looks now. I love the way it looks now. I might add something, I might not. It depends. 
I am really happy! I wish I had more old shirts to do this with. It was fun!!
On pinterest, there are a whole bunch of other ways to turn a t-shirt into a tank top. But they are all pretty similar. Pinterest is very inspiring!