Pinterest Inspired: Beachy Waves/Sea Spray!

I finally have a blog project! It was one that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but I was waiting to recycle a spray bottle that I could use for this, and all the heat protect spray was gone, so I took the spray bottle and rinsed it out and got to work! I got this idea off of Pinterest, yes I get mostly all my ideas off of pinterest. I don't want to steal the credit, I would hate it if people stole my stuff, so I always give credit! This idea came from this blog: A Shress A Day 

What you will need for this: 
~An empty, rinsed out spray bottle
~1 cup of warm water
~1 teaspoon of sea salt
~1 teaspoon of coconut oil
~1 teaspoon of hair gel

I didn't take pictures of me putting it together, I was kind of all over the place and just needing to do something. I didn't even think of getting my camera. I post so many dump pictures of the process, but sometimes it really helps people to see a visual! I know it definitely helps me sometimes. This is pretty straight forward though... after you put all the ingredients in the spray bottle, you shake it up and then spray it on your hair. Preferably DRY hair. I tried it on my sister's wet hair and it didn't work as well... so DRY hair works the best with this spray! I do have pictures of the results! 
I love the simple waves! I have been using and trying out different sprunching sprays and curling sprays, and they all work really good, but these hold up fantastic! And they look great. I love the messy type, it's cute!
I recovered the bottle so it didn't look like the heat protect spray. I wanted it to be it's own spray! I only recovered it for the picture and so people wouldn't throw it away...
This was my instragram picture... kind of advertising that I made the spray.
I love this spray! I think I am going to wear it to my friend's sixteenth birthday party tomorrow night. I love my hair today! It even "baked" in the sun on our walk to Fred Meyer. I really need my license... stupid jerk instructor guy!! Long story, readers... maybe later.... 
Here is also the pinterest link for the pin: Beachy Waves Pinterest Pin
Hope when you make the spray, if you make the spray, you will have awesome results just like I did!
Oh, and since coconut oil is in the spray, it is adding proteins to your hair! :) It may dry it out a little, just remember to deep condition every once in a while :)