Nevada Trip, Day 3

I didn't do much today. I slept till 7:00, sort of till 8:00. Messed around on instagram for a little bit and then went to wash my face, brush my teeth and all that la-de-da girly stuff. I brushed my hair and then blogged. My hair felt and looked so great! I used the hotel's shampoo and conditioner. I brought my own, but I have never used a hotel provided beauty stuff before. I wanted to give it a try and I am so glad I did! Only thing is, by the end of the day, my hair feels a little dry, and I don't like that. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair today, like 3 just at the pool today. It was wonderful. After the blogging, which took me about 2 hours. Then, my parents came back and we got ready to go swimming. I was actually really excited. I was going to get a good tan, at least planning on it. I walked around in the water with my shorts and tank top on and then I went to sit down on my chair and I took off my shorts and my tank top... slowly getting comfortable wearing my bathing suit. I don't know why... but swimming and getting into bathing suits just make me feel very much out of my comfort zone. I did get into my comfort zone and ended up talking with a girl that I haven't seen or talked to in a long time. It was nice, we talked about school. I got some pictures of the tanning experience. Ha, I put a collage together and took some pictures of the pool. 
It was great! I felt good during the tanning, but towards the end, I felt so sick. I had this huge head ache and I was way too warm. I also hadn't eaten since 11 and it was like 5:30 when we went up to our room from the pool. I was very thirsty, even though I brought my water bottle, and I drank the provided water at the bar in the dispenser. It had orange and lemon slices in it. I was getting detoxed!! YAY!! I miss my lemon water, so when I get home, I am definitely going to start drinking my lemon water again.
I ended up having some crushed up dry top ramen for a dinner thing with some sour dough bread slices. Yes, we have a whole wall of food basically, and I choose to eat that stuff. It's what sounded so good to me for some reason. I love eating slices of sour dough bread. I just love the taste. 
It was delicious! 
My parents left soon after to their dinner function and Brittney and I got ready to go to the outside mall next door. I was so excited to get started. We had a little trouble getting there, so we had to ask someone how to get there. We got there, and the first store we saw was 'Anthropologie'. I LOVE THAT STORE! I follow their instagram and twitter and read their stuff and look at their pinterest stuff. They have some awesome ideas for crafting and things. I follow these blogs that do their own DIY makeshift, or they copied some of Anthropologie's styles. It's really cool. We looked around, walked around the store. The thing that drew me in was some flowy soft tank tops. Yes, I am obsessed with them. Well, I looked at the price and I was surprised. The tank top was only $34. I couldn't believe it! I was considering buying it. 
We walked around and then I saw that same shirt on a manikin. I asked this girl who was folding shirts if it was the same shirt and she said yes. I had to get it. Somehow... we got the point where we were signing up for the anthropologie card. Like I shop there all the time... right... it's nice to have haha. It's free too and I get discounts so, not so bad. I might shop there more often. Well, I added points to my anthropologie card tonight because I bought the shirt!
And the bag is so simple and cute!
We walked around a little more, it was hot but not too hot. We walked into a few cute shops and talked with the employees. I was pretty excited about my Anthropologie purchase. I would have never dreamed I would own something from Anthropologie. That store is so wonderfully expensive. :)
Anyway, I was jazzed and excited. The outside mall was lit up with cute pixie lights and it was warm. Perfectly warm and everything was wonderful! I was in a wonderful mood.
This is a picture of the outside mall
As we walked out, we saw this wonderful view. The mountain range, or hill range was surrounding us, the clouds were awesome and the city lights were sparkling. The palm trees in a line, and it was a beautiful site. I tried to capture it with my phone. I really tried to do that, and I did the best job I could.
After we came back, Brittney got all ready to go this dance for my parent's business and I didn't really want to go... but got coaxed into going anyway. I just tied a bandana around my head and did a side pony tail for my  'costume'. It wasn't really anything, I just threw it together.
I liked it! Once I got there, people were in crazy costumes and stuff. I felt stupid and out of place. I really don't like dances. Even school dances, I feel awkward and out of place. I want to dance, of course, but I just never have the 'guts' to do it. I always want to, but never can get myself to do it. What made it more awkward was this guy was trying to make this other guy dance with me... me... why me? This guy was like pushing us together, and my mom didn't want me to dance with him, I DIDN'T WANT TO DANCE WITH HIM! I didn't want to dance at all! It was so awkward. The guy trying to make the guy, he kept pushing our chairs together and I scooted mine back. It was so awkward. I ended up leaving to the dance floor and I did the 'left-right' song thing and my mom talked to the kid. He didn't want to dance or even be there at all. Poor kid. It was so awkward and I felt embarrassed to be there, so we left and came up to the room, turned on Castle and now I am blogging and gonna pack up some stuff and take a shower. 
Today was eventful and actually very fun! 
I hope I get to go swimming and tanning again tomorrow for a little bit while my parents are at their meeting, because right after their meeting, we have to check out and go back to Las Vegas to check out the stuff that we didn't get a chance to check out the other days. It was a fantastic day!
Such a fantastic day!
Happy summer everyone!


  1. Using the hotel shampoo really requires some courage :) Good it worked out well!
    Oh I like this picture a lot - the palm trees in a line, the small hills and the city lights - very nice picture!
    your 'cosutme' looks great too :) - almost like well coordinated rather than "thrown together" :)
    Great you are having such a good time!

  2. Haha, well it was a 5 star hotel, and my mom used it first, so I trusted it because her hair looked good and it was soft. I only used it once, because towards the end of the day, my hair got so dry. I just used my regular shampoo and conditioner that I brought with me for the rest of the trip. Oh thank you, about the picture with the palm trees! I got like 20 shots of it and they all looked the same, except the picture that I posted, that one looked the best so I used it. Ha, I had to throw something together. Everybody else there was wearing costumes... and then when I got there, I didn't want to be there anymore. Oh... awkward. ha. I had a really great time! Thank you for the lovely comment!


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