My Awesome Day! 7/16/12

Today was so much fun! As my sister Brittney calls it, it was an "A+ DAY!" and it was! I woke up this morning and was wondering what I was going to blog about... I wake up most mornings like that. I watched some Cheers and Clean House. Those shows are pretty awesome! I then got bored of watching TV, so I went on my blog and perused my own blog... yeah... and then I went on Google and just typed in "Country blog spot", hoping it would bring up some cool blogs. Well it did and I found this awesome blog! 
I did a screen shot from my iPhone.
Here is a link to the blog:
It's a really cute blog and I left her a ton of comments and I joined her site. It's so cute! 
So then later, I found the cake batter cookies recipe and from that post, the cake batter cookies recipe post, you will find the link to the blog that I found the cake batter cookies recipe from! 
Way before I got started making those, my sister came in the house and collected some stuff, saying she had a request on YouTube to do a facial mask review video thing. So, I got curious. I have seen her get ready for her videos and I have heard her talk about them, but never watched them. I wanted to watch them and I did!
Here is her channel: brittneyl314 
She has some pretty cute videos on there! 
Anyway, a little while after I watched her videos, she asked me to be in one! A sister tag thing... like an interview type thing. So I got ready to do that and we filmed it in our backyard! Here is the video! I figured out how to post them... you use HTML!

I don't know how to center it yet... so you'll just have to watch it like this. 
It was actually pretty fun and there are some embarrassing moments on the video... but whatever! It's funny.
After the video, I made the cookies. I am going to post another picture of the cookies, just part of my day!
Like I said in the actual recipe post, they were wicked delicious! 
Right about when the cookies were done baking, dinner was done! Mom has been trying new recipes from a new cook book that she bought. All of the recipes have been fabulous and this one was too! 
The cook book is Taste of Home: Comfort Food diet cook book.
And we had Teriyaki Chicken Salad.
There was supposed to be dressing with it, and there was dressing with it, I just didn't see it and I didn't put it on, so after I blog, I am gonna have some more with the dressing... or I might have some for lunch tomorrow with the dressing to try it out. YUMM!!
This was my instagram picture...
And this is my camera picture...
In this case... iPhone wins for picture quality!
The dinner was delicious!
After we finished dinner, Brittney and I took a walk to our neighborhood market. We were going to do a video there, and a video there we did!
But, as we were walking, I couldn't help but take pictures of the clouds. They were gorgeous!
This was taken with my iPhone, it is not edited...
Ever heard of the 'normal' effect? That's what I used. :)
I am nuts over cloud pictures! 
And also as we were walking, some little kids asked us some funny questions. We just answered them and then walked on and kinda giggled about it. Not at the kids, but at the situation. 
Once we got to the little market, Brittney was a little wary on filming in the store. I told her not to worry about it and that it would be fun. You can watch it for yourself, it's very short and it's funny!
Sorry it is kinda squished in the middle like that... we filmed it with the phone turned upright instead of sideways. It still is fine.

After we filmed the video, we actually picked out some stuff to buy. Brittney picked out some gum and I picked out some Wonka Shockers. I love sour stuff! When we got up the register to pay for our stuff, the cashier guy was like, "You guys took a long time!" ha. We were filming a video dude...
So we came home, and Brittney had been wanting to do a fun collage of ourselves and our hands and arms make a heart. It turned out really cool! 
Courtesy of Brittney. Follow her on Instagram! 
This is her instagram link... you have to have an instagram to see her photos.
But, she sent the picture to me and I put it on my tumblr so that I could just copy and paste it onto here!
It really does look so cool!
And then I sent a picture of my Wonka Shockers to Instagram...
They are so good!! 
We went inside and my mom was watching this really cool show! Take Home Chef! It's a really neat show about this chef who has a camera crew following him around. He approaches random people at the super market and asks if he can cook dinner for that person and their family that night. If the person agrees, the guy helps the person shop and he pays for all the food. He also gets them a little surprise gift. Like a gourmet kitchen something. That is their gift. So, he goes to their house and teaches the person how to cook. 
Later, after the food is all done or just before it is all done, they surprise like the husband or the wife or the kids and say that dinner is being cooked by someone else! And the recipes are on the TLC website!
I love this show now! It's called Take Home Chef
Then I blogged.
It was a great day today! I hope tomorrow I can find some awesome blog projects!
Oh! I rescheduled my dive test and it's now August 8th.
Wish me luck!
Happy Blogging everyone!