Mason Jar Love: This is How I Doctor Up Coffee!

My sister asked me why I do everything in mason jars. I don't do EVERYTHING in mason jars, but the reason I like to use them a lot is because they are vintage looking. They are cute and functional. You can make adorable crafts out of them. You can do almost anything with a mason jar! You can do almost anything TO a mason jar. Today, I had the idea of making a homemade style mocha. I love coffee drinks! I can drink straight up black coffee, but it doesn't taste as good a mocha or frappe or any other fancy shmancy coffee drinks. During the summer, I make lots of yummy coffee drinks. They are always delicious and I love making them! This is how I made mine today!
There is no recipe and this is not a recipe post, just an idea giving post and honestly... just a time killer and something for me to post about and I get coffee, so it's a win win!
Okay, so first of all, what I do to start off my coffee drink is I fill the glass or mason jar half way with ice... I put like five to six ice cubes in the jar and put it in the freezer.
While the jar of ice is in the freezer, I make the coffee and get out all the ingredients I need to make my coffee!
You see...I take anything sweet and I put it in. One time, I made a brown sugar latte which was amazing! Sometimes I drink coffee with just my silk milk in it. I do a bunch of different things to my coffees that I make, so each time it is a surprise. 
How I indicate it is time to take the jar out of the freezer, is when the coffee is done brewing and all of it is in the pot. I then put all the ingredients in!
Today, I started with chocolate fudge. This fudge we got at my Aunt Aimee's bridal shower about 2 months ago. I have never tried it before, so I decided to put it in my mocha today! It tastes amazing!
Next, I put a splash of vanilla Italian soda syrup in the jar. 
Then some milk!
To give the coffee that pretty yummy creamy brown color.
After the milk, I poured the coffee in the jar. I left some space so I could add the rest of the ingredients.
The rest of the ingredients are what I usually put in my coffees.
I put a spoonful of caramel sauce in the jar...
A squeeze of Hershy's Chocolate Syrup. I only like it on ice cream and in my coffees that I make. Other than those things, Hershy's Chocolate Syrup is absolutely disgusting.
After all the ingredients are in, I put it back in the freezer for like 10 minutes, since the warm coffee melted the ice cubes and the coffee is a little warm from brewing, I put it back in the freezer for a little while so it gets cold.
When the 10 minutes are up, I put whip cream on it to make like an authentic coffee drink!
I love using the whip cream! 
So now... I am noticing I am getting jittery from the coffee. Like my arms feel like they wanna move really fast and my head is kinda getting dizzy and I feel like everything is moving super fast. My fingers are typing super fast, I can type fast... but this is a little fast for me and I can't stop myself. I have a few stories on being hyper from caffeine, but I am not going to tell them now. Maybe later, if somehow we meet and you ask me what they are... or if you already know me and don't know the hyper stories, then you can you ask me and if you do know my hyper stories and if you were there during my hyper times... God bless you!
haha. Wow... embarrassing. 
Let's just say that in 8th grade, even my teacher, Mr. Fier said, "No coffee for Courtney in Washington D.C." lol. Yup.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and I think my mason jar coffee is adorable.


  1. I love the mason jars, seeing all your drinks in them makes me want to run over to the canning section of Bi-Mart and buy some right now. :) Your coffee drink sounds yummy, coffee makes me jittery and hyper as well, everyone knows when I have had a coffee drink, lol. I may have to make me one of these today. :)

    1. Coffee is amazing! I got my mason jars at Micheal's craft store, but I may need to go buy more because these are just left overs from my party, and the rest are now filled with sand. But yes, mason jars are simply amazing!


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