Las Vegas Trip, Day 1

Hello Readers! We have the lap top open and ready and obviously I am on it so it up and running! I wanted to blog about my day yesterday, yesterday, but I didn't have time last night. I was so tired and felt so gross from night energy and the night lights in Las Vegas, I needed a shower and just wanted to go to bed. I am all clean now, of course and well rested and have a blogging passion so I needed to get this down and I wanted you, my beautiful/handsome readers to get 'kind of a second-hand thrill'... as they say on 'I Love Lucy'. Gosh, I quote 'I Love Lucy' an awful lot... it is a big part of my life. 
Ok, I am going to get on with telling you about my day yesterday! We drove half the day, then we walked part of the day in Las Vegas. I wanted to stop at the 'Welcome to Nevada' sign when we reached the border, and I am so glad we did. When we stopped and I got out, a gust... no a woosh of warmth, hot warmth swept me over. Lots of wind because it is by the busy high way and there is a huge mall and amusement park near there. It was so hot and windy, but I got some really good pictures! I took some with my camera and my phone, but I am just gonna show you the one that I took with my phone.
I think my phone takes pretty good pictures! 
I have said that so many times. 
Anyway, we drove into Las Vegas, and last night, we stayed at Harrah's on the strip. It was an 'ok' place to stay for one night, but I wouldn't stay there for anymore nights. It was kinda... hmmm I don't want to give Harrah's a bad name. It was a nice place to crash, but I don't know if I would do it again there. It might have just been our room.... but it was nice downstairs and the hallways didn't smell like smoke. It was nice! 
I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the hotel, or the room. Just so busy! 
After we took our showers and got all cleaned up from the grime of the road, we left for our walk through Las Vegas! We went almost everywhere! The first place we traveled to was the Paris hotel. Ahh Paris. It was glamorous! Even the Casino part. The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is like a 3rd or even half the size of the regular one. The Las Vegas Eiffel is pretty tall as is.
And of course the Paris hot air balloon. 
Don't mind the people... HA! We walked through the Casino, and we walked through all the shops. It was very lovely and set up like a little town in Paris. It was super cute! We came across this one pastry shop, Madeline. It was adorable! Like an actual French pastry shop. I will blog about that shop later because we actually went there today! I will tell you all about it in my next post. 
I wore the most non- walking friendly shoes. It hurt to walk, even in the beginning. Last night was fun but miserable... sort of. But gosh, it was so fun! 
Also, the other thing that made it kind of uncomfortable was the heat. It was 104 degrees yesterday evening. They had misters that didn't do anything for you, outside of the hotels. It made somewhat of a difference, but not much. I felt so dehydrated from the heat, I needed water. So, we had passed this one place, called "Sugar Factory" and it's this restaurant and sweet shop. They had an outside little ice cream shop, and you can buy water and energy drinks and of course ice cream there. Probably some slushies and things. We needed water. The Biggs family are big water drinkers, and we needed water. The bottled water $3.57 for a bottle of water. WATER! I couldn't believe it! But the lady working there was so nice, she said that she would would give us water in a cup for $.54 cents. She was so nice! 
The cups were actually cuter than the bottles that the water came in. I took a picture of the cup because it's cute and I put it against the city lights, city energy. 
Very cute.
We walked around to Caesar's Palace and saw all the Greek things. Ancient Greece and Rome replicas of things. Very nifty! The Forum Shops are hooked onto the Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino. Being girls, we had to go and look through them. The Forum Shops are mostly very expensive shops... except for a few, but mostly expensive like Marc Jacobs and Coach and 7 for All Mankind and Lucky Brand Jeans. Etc, etc, etc. We did find an H&M shop. H&M has some of the trendiest clothes for so cheap! I love this store so much! It's very similar to a Forever 21, but I love both stores. Last night, I looked through the store, and grabbed up a shirt, knowing that I would buy that shirt because it was so cute! But it all changed when I found a cuter, similar shirt, with a little more cost, but I had to have it! I found three shirts and a pair of sunglasses all for $48! With tax! I did so good!
I found a blue tank top shirt with a wrap around thing, so cute!
I found a pink short sleeve with some doily like accents in places. I love the pink color!
I found a green flowy tank top. SO CUTE!!!
And a pair of pink sunglasses.
I think I did great!
After shopping, we hurried to the Bellagio Fountain for the fountain show. It was wonderful!
I actually have a video of it and pictures. It was lovely and so beautiful.
Here are the pictures...
Here is the video of the awesome fountain!
After that, we walked to the Venetian and looked at the gondolas. We didn't go on the gondolas because they are so expensive. 
I took a picture of them, and that was cool in itself... sort of.
And after the Venetian gondolas, we went to The Mirage hotel to watch the Volcano show, the volcano eruption. It was pretty cool, or hot I should say. When the fire came out, you could actually feel the heat. It was awesome!
The volcano show was nifty! 
After the volcano show, we moved on to the Treasure Island show. People say it is one of the main attractions of Las Vegas... I don't think so. Most of it is just barbie doll type girls dancing around in bimbo type outfits. Guys would like it...
It was cool once the cannons went off and the fire flamed, but that was like the only cool thing that was worth watching. It was 'Ok'.
Even though it was tiring... it was still a lot of fun! 
I'm glad I was in Las Vegas yesterday.
Later tonight, or tomorrow I will blog about today!
Today was a great day too! So I am going to blog about my day today either later today or tomorrow!
Hope you are having a great evening Readers, and thank you for spending your Friday night on my blog, if you are on my blog tonight or any Friday night or any night at all that is.