Hey Readers! I'm Back!

I know I have missed some Photo A Day things... and I'm so sorry about that! I'm gonna start that up again, and I'm gonna try and keep it up. I know my blog posts haven't been as fancy as the others have been, but that is because they were blogged from my phone, and I was on vacation and very busy! So now, I'm not super busy, and I can blog away! I have so many projects planned and I'm so excited to get started! I have a big schedule planned out and hopefully this week, I can accomplish them. I am going to do a big Fourth of July post, I will most likely be spending the 4th at my Aunt and Uncle's house, and I will be spending time with family and such. I will probably do a 4th of July craft with my cousins and sister, and I will definitely take part in making decorations and cake and such. I am very enthusiastic about taking part in things now a days... I think my blog completely inspires. Not the only thing that inspires me, but lots of other things, like pinterest and instagram, family and friends, my own ideas, I am just INSPIRED! It's always been my favorite saying.... "Be Inspired!", that doesn't mean you are always a follower, or you don't come up with your own ideas, or your own ideas suck... that is not what the saying means at all! It means, "You are creative! You have many ideas and inspirations! Inspire people, and be inspired! Be yourself and love and be loved! Be inspired!" It's a wonderful saying! So, this summer, lots of blog projects! And I am gonna have a BLOGAVERSARY! Like, I'm going to celebrate the day that I first created my blog! I'm going to bake and cook more! I'm gonna do so much with my blog, and I'm going to have a lot of fun with it! I'm not going to be so proper on my blog anymore... I mean, of course I am going to be cordial and proper, but not just about projects. Of course, I like it that way! I love my blog! I love my blogs! I love how they get views and I love how I can make some money off of them, but they also inspire me and help me get creative! My blogs are awesome! They help me a lot! Don't know what blog project I will do today... but I will surely find something! 
Since I like to add photos to my blog posts, here is a photo of my cat. Since he likes to chew up our blankets, my mom got him his own while we were gone...
Silly kitty... haha. 
Also, my American Eagle and Aerie shorts came in the mail the other day, while I was gone. They are super cute!! I love colored shorts! I am wearing the coral ones right now. 
So cute! I can't wait to wear them all!
So... blog projects are going to be more plentiful and more blog posts happening! 
This blog is going to be hopping!!