Haven't Been On In A While, Sorry About That...

I have been busy all this past weekend. I baby sat with my sister for two nights and it went ok. I got paid pretty good, so all is well! I have also been very tired, like all my energy left me yesterday. I was planning to do a couple of blog projects yesterday, but I didn't want to get up from my chair. I was so tired from the weekend, I had to spend a day to rest and do nothing. I have also been preparing to go to Las Vegas! I leave tomorrow till the 31'st of July! I am so excited about it. It will be a lot of fun! I will do a whole Las Vegas blog post, complete with pictures. I think I am going to keep a journal about it and also of course, I will be doing instagram and tumblr, so be sure to check those out for 'live' or 'on the spot' pics of my trip! The links to both my instagram and tumblr on the right, in the side bar. I will probably post on here too, but I will be posting from my iPhone, from the blogger app, so it won't be quality like I do from the computer. But I will always keep my blog up to date! 
While I was baby sitting, we would take the kids to the park down the street and that is one of my favorite spots to take pictures! There is an open field with hardly any trees, and you can usually find the most amazing clouds!
Well, the few times we went to the park, there were hardly any clouds, and by later in the day, in the evening when the sunset occurs and the sun reflects off the clouds in the most spectacular way, there wouldn't be any clouds in the sky. It made me sad, but I ended up getting a really cool picture, and mind you, I took this with my iPhone. 
I couldn't believe it!!
It is the coolest! I even got the bird in there, up top. The sun's rays are just awesome and the ripple in the sky, those aren't clouds, those are part of the filter that I used, but it adds to the picture. It looks awesome none the less.
Also, while baby sitting, I cut up some water melon, and on Pinterest and Tumblr, I would see this picture of watermelon with hearts cut out of them. I so wanted to try this, since I had a water melon at my disposal. 
I cut it into long triangles, and I cut out three hearts, but I made a mini heart and it is so cute! 
Of course I edited it...
It was really cool!!
Also while I was baby sitting, in my down time, I found this site called weheartit.com .
It's a really cool site. I have heard of it before, because pictures from Tumblr and Pinterest go on there sometimes. I actually found it via instagram. I had to make an account because I love idea giving sites!
So, I made a 'we heart it' account, and got started! 
Here is the mobile app screen shot. 
I have gotten a lot of blog project ideas from it. 
It's a really cool site! Currently, you can only post pictures from the website from your computer, and not from mobile. It's sad :( but it is in the idea box from a lot of people, so I bet that the we heart it app will be getting some updates. I hope they will enable pictures being added from mobile! That would be awesome. 
I did post some of my own pictures on We Heart It already, yesterday, and my cake batter  milkshakes pictures got 156 hearts already! That's awesome. 
So, I have been spending a lot of my time on there lately. 
Anyway, I am going to get started on my projects! One needs to be frozen for a little bit...
Have a great all of you fabulous readers!
I know you are out there! I see you on my reader! :)
And my feed. 
You are out there and I am so happy you chose my blog to read! Thank you all!
And followers, you  are amazing!!!


  1. I liked the sunset picture very much. I know it must have taken quite some effort on your part to take a wonderful picture like this. Its very beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much! Ah it wasn't that hard to take. Lol. :) just held the phone up and snapped it and edited it. Not too difficult. Lol :)


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