Good Good Early Morning from California! Somewhere...

Hello my beautiful readers! I am currently in the car on the way to Las Vegas! It is 3:29 in the morning and yeah, I am tired but I am too distratced. Probably won't sleep much this week. Oh well. I am waiting for the sunrise and I am waiting for strawberries and nutella. I have been wanting that for a while! Anyway, this whole trip, I have been listening to my Pandora. My 'Rocket To The Moon' station and listening to 'All Time Low'. I love All Time Low! And 'Rocket To The Moon'! We are stopping for breakfast soon. Have been driving non stop basically since 6:00 PM, yesterday. I do love car trips. Road trips really are my favorite! You have no idea! Oh my goodness! We have gone when a green light signaled!! We haven't come across a traffic light in a while. Been on the highway and freeway the whole time. Yesterday was quite eventful. I am not allowed to tell you what happened yesterday morning for protection reasons, animal control might get mad.... And make a ruckus. Okey dokey... Ha! I watched a few epiosdes of 'Cheers' and did my nails. I painted them a pink-ish-orange-ish sparkly color. It's really pretty! Then got ready to go, like packed last minute things. I also got some tanning in. I wanted to have some color for my trip so I don't look like a marshmallow. I want to be a toasted marshmallow... As they say on "I Love Lucy" :) so then I took a shower, and then got ready to go. We went into Clackamas because my dad wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack for flip flops and swim trunks. I wanted to grab some tank tops! So I found some really cute ones. I got two of them! After we got the stuff, then we were off. We have basically been driving since we left, so haven't done much. The high light so far is eating at Denny's and that wasn't even "fun" persay. Just eating breakfast to take a break from driving. Then we spent sometime in the bathroom, washing our faces snd brushing our teeth and things. And now I am blogging! I have been taking pictures and things along the way, and I will post them now of my day yesterday till now :) We are going to pass by San Francisco!!! I want to go back their. I loved it there! San Francisco was a beautiful town, a beautiful city with so much history. So much wonderful/infamous background. It is a truly wonderful city! I love it! My mom said, that maybe on the way home, we can stop by there and look around a little more :) I hope so! Jee, I am so tired! I just wanted to blog a bit about my trip so far! Man, it has been a really good road trip. I really love them! I should make a public list on what to pack for road trips! :) like what everybody should pack in their bags for road trips. :) I would be good at that since I do a road trip every summer. Multiple times a summer! Multiple times a year! :) road trips are amazing! I will be blogging every day of my trip. We brought the lap top, so I can download my pictures from my camera and copy and paste from my phone onto the blog from the computer. It would be so much easier to do that every day than wait to get home and try to remember all I did the days. :) man, I need to wrap this up. I am falling asleep. Ha. Ok, so here are the pictures!! They may not be in order... But I think you can pin point what sequence they go in, according to my post ;) if you have questions, comment!! Love all my readers! Good morning and good night. Gonna catch some zzzzz's. (Oh, I am posting this from my phone... So the posting quality isn't as great as it is on the computer! Please excuse that...) :) oh oh!!! Just now!!! As we were leaving the Pilot Station, we saw Brad Paisly's trucks for his stage for his concert!!!! Aghhh!!!! I tried to take a picture, but my phone was being weird and didn't zoom :( ah well. We saw it and it was cool! Ok... Pictures now! And one of the sunset!! For now...
(blogging from Stockton/near Stockton, California)


  1. I liked both the new tops you bought - the white one looks better :)
    Public list on what to pack for road trips might be interesting too :)
    and of course the sun set picture looks just awesome! I think I am going to be coming regularly for the pictures of the sky that you take - you have a great sense of beauty.

  2. Oh thank you! Actually, the white top was on backwards. I just figured that out this morning. Silly me... haha. But it is still cute on the right way. Yes, I will definitely post a packing list either tonight or tomorrow or the trip home. And thank you! The sunset pictures and cloud pictures are my favorite to photograph! I love how my phone does so well with taking pictures. Thank you for the lovely comment! I welcome all readers! You guys make my day!


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