Freeman Dead Sea Facial Mask Review

I bought this new mask yesterday, I saw it and I loved the color of the bottle. I also liked what the mask does! Like, what it is supposed to do. It is an Anti-Stress mask, and I felt really nervous and kind of stressed out about my driving test tomorrow, but now all it is just simple text anxiety. It really relieved the 'stress' that I had in my face, and believe it or not, you do get stress in your face, especially when you squint a lot. This mask also purifies and clears pores.What I like about it, is that it has dead sea minerals in it. Extra brownie points! :)
I have done a review on Freeman masks before, I have an avocado one. That one puts in a bunch of unneeded moisture into my face. I love having my face clean and moisture rich, but in the summer when I sweat,  I don't need a moisture rich mask, I need a pore clearing one, and that is exactly what this mask does! 
I splashed my face with warm water, to open my pores to let the mask in, I took a wash cloth and doused it with warm water and I put it over my face. 
When I opened the mask to put it on my face, I was surprised by the mask color... the mask was full on BLUE! Like the color of the bottle.  Full of teal/blue. I thought it was going to be like a sea foam green. All other masks are like that. This one was quite different! 
It was actually very fun putting blue facial mask all over my face. I was a little worried that it might stain my face, but it didn't!
For the pictures, it was a little hard to smile. I didn't want to wrinkle the mask. I had it one for a few minutes before I took the pictures, so it had a chance to dry a little... that was kind of a bad idea... but I got the pictures done!
Yeah, so my face was blue earlier today!
I left it on for about 20 minutes. It took a little long to dry. The bottle says to leave it on till it dries. It felt SO GOOD. It felt really good on my face. I could feel my pores soaking it in and it felt so nice. 
I love facial masks where they tingle on your face. It's a great feeling! 
It was easy to take off! My face was not stained blue, thank goodness. It did however leave my face feeling AMAZING. And looking AMAZING! 
I give this mask a 10 out of 10! I really like it and it does really good for my skin. 
I recommend this product to anyone who has some breakouts or wants a simple clearing mask for the summer. It feels so nice, like a wonderful facial. 
Oh, by the way... I got this product at WinCo! 
Who woulda thunk it? Ha! I bet you could probably find it at Ulta and possibly Fred Meyer... 
But I found it at WinCo for like $2.98 or something. 
This product is definitely going on my 'LOVE' list.
Here is the website: 
Hope you enjoyed seeing my face blue :)


  1. At WinCo for $2.98! I guess you found a winner for sure! :-)

    If you are interested in dead sea cosmetics, try Dr. OlenGin Mud Mask - that is, if you can lay your hands on it! It was awesome! So soothing! I only got one small sample and trying to find more of it.

    How did the driving test go? You didnt blog about it!
    You sure look cute in a blue mask :-)

    1. I should try those out! Oh... my driving test didn't go so well the first time around. I had an old grump as my driving instructor, and he lied about me not looking both ways at a railroad... when the gate was already up and I couldn't go through... and after the gate went up, I looked both ways. I remember looking both ways... but the second time around was much better and I passed the second time! YAY! Aw thanks!


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