A Filler Blog Post: Till Later!

Hello my fantastic few readers! I have been having blog with drawls... I need to find more projects! I need more supplies for crafting and baking. Of course, since I am free a lot... and since I will be getting my license on Tuesday, I can just get in the car and grab some stuff to make! I am nervous, but excited! I just want to get it over with. I have some big plans for my blog in the future! Of course, since I am starting out young... I should get my blog into full fledged popular. I hope that blogging will still be popular like it is today. Yes, another choppy blog post. I have so many things I want to do and get done and my mind is boggled from yesterday and today, just pure family stress. Family causing family stress... it's stressing me out! Well, grocery shopping later should calm me down. I hope.... 
I had a corn dog for the first time in a LONG time last night. It was delicious! Why are these things so delicious? Maybe they remind me of my child hood. I don't know, but corn dogs are seriously amazing. I do have some projects today! Since it is so hot outside, and it will get to be 90 degrees (oh my word! let's fry an egg!) I wanted to make lemonade Popsicles with raspberries and strawberries in them. I found it Pinterest. I find a lot of my blog projects on Pinterest. We are also making smoothies today, and yes, I will drink it out of a mason jar! What else would I drink it out of? Either today or tomorrow, most likely tomorrow, I am going to make a cake batter cheese cake, also from Pinterest. Also this week, probably gonna make little paper pinwheels and also blog about my newly earned driver's license! Yes, this week is rather exciting. I am also going to Las Vegas soon, I hope to get some new luggage before that. I am super excited! 
Today I will most definitely blog about the popsicles! If we move our butts fast enough to get to the store to get the freezer holder things. Let's go!