Friday, June 22, 2012

Taking Off My Braces

YAY! The braces process is over. I am sad to see them go, but happy to see the results (happy with the results also!). WOW! I'm done with braces! Later today, I got and get my retainer. I can't believe how good they look!! So... I'm going to narrate my pictures. I was allowed to take pictures during while they took my braces off. I wanted to take my braces home, but I forgot them :( Maybe they will give them to me later when I come for my retainer. I told them I wanted them. Hopefully they will save them for me. I hope so. Ok! So, here is the narrative.
This is before... in the car... on the way to getting my braces off!
Ok... my teeth are NOT yellow! It is from the light. This is RIGHT after the removal of my braces. I still have the glue on and everything. 
Now, she is taking the glue off. 
This tool thing hurt my gums. Since the glue was right next to my gums... it would scrape my gums sometimes. It hurt and made them raw :(
Yay!! Now the glue is off!! 
The vibration of the tool that took the glue off made me go crazy. Just the constant vibration. I had to close my eyes for a few seconds and squeeze them shut. I thought I was going to pass out. 
Now for the polish to make my teeth pretty! And shiny. 
After the polish! I have the polish all over my lips... heh heh. It didn't have a taste, but it I could feel it on my lips and in my mouth. She gave me a tooth brush and some tooth paste and let me brush my teeth in the bathroom and clean up the polish. 
Yay! After I am all cleaned up and waiting for the next step... impressions...

Ok, I have a disgusted look on my face because of the impressions. The plastic teeth thing was filled with clay stuff, and she shoved it into my mouth (the hygienist is really nice! I am not putting her down!)
and the clay like oozed out the side and came out of the edge. I was not a pretty sight. After the impressions, I had clay all over my lips and in my mouth. It was pretty gross... so I did a disgusted picture... 1st impression done!
The second impression clay oozed all over my face! UGH! Haha. It was pretty funny actually. 
Here is the second impression! Glad to be done with impressions!
On to X-rays! I don't have any more pictures... I didn't take anymore at the orthodontist.. so this is the last picture and basically the end of the adventure :)
Yup! So, my braces are off! And I looove the results!
I have to go because I have a wedding to get ready for.
My uncle and future aunt's wedding!
I will blog later too!


  1. I remember how happy I was when I got my braces off, it is fun have nice polished straight teeth, I remember smiling for a week. Have fun at the wedding. :)

  2. You have such an astonishing smile, Courty - with or without braces. Well, the removal of the glue wouldn't last longer than ten minutes so it's fine (it's one magical procedure, you know). Neither the glue nor the cement should remain, so that the pearly enamel can shine through. By the way, I'm sorry about the pain you've felt in your gums. As much as possible, orthodontists should not let the hand tool hit their patient’s gums. After all, no patient wants to leave the clinic with damaged gums.

    Landon Heath

  3. Congratulations! Your long wait is finally over. Well, I really don’t know how many months your orthodontist advised you to wear it, but I think it did take you quite some time. Your photos, especially at end of the post, still look gorgeous even though you have those kinds of impressions. Hehe. You remind me of my niece, Alice.
    ~Avis Charland

    1. I didn't have them on for that long, 18 months :)

  4. So, how’s life without the braces? :) I can see that this is a very exciting moment for you, but this is also the time where oral care is more important than ever. Are you wearing retainers? Dentists generally prescribe retainers afterwards to be worn all the time for six months, then at night time. And of course, it’s a no-brainer that you should brush your teeth three times a day. Congrats, Courty!

    Rae Screen

  5. Congrats, Courtney! Finally, you can now show off that beautiful smile minus the wires and the brackets! I’m glad you’re finally done with your braces. You look even more beautiful without them, mind you! Your smile is absolutely stunning with your pearly white teeth. Keep on smiling!

    >Cody Zieba

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  7. Pretty smile, I'm getting my traditional braces off next week and I’m so excited to smile without braces.

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