Photo(s) A Day! 6/25/12! Sunriver!

This is Sunriver, day 3! Today was a lot of fun! We went into town, in the sunriver village and there was a whole bunch of things going on. Bouncy houses, the train, new construction, bumper cars. Isabelle went on the bouncy houses, we all went on the train! And it was so bumpy! Raelyn had a lot of fun on the train and so did Isabelle. They loved it. It was pretty fun for the whole group! After the train ride, we explored some stores. This one store carried these books called "Tweets for cat lovers" or "Tweets for moms". I want to write a book like that. A cute little tweet book. Maybe "Tweets for Bloggers!" I'd totally write that. After that store, we went to Goody's! The ice cream shop! It's our tradition. Get ice cream and eat at Goody's. When I was little, I would get a stuffed animal every year! A stuffed animal from Goody's. It would always smell like chocolate and ice cream cones. Goody's has a delightful smell. You walk in and it is so delicious smelling! :) mmm yummm!!! After Goody's, we walked around to other shops, and we went into a toy store. So many snuggly stuffed animals and cool little trinket things. I love toy stores. They make me happy seeing all those colors. It's cute. We left the toy store and we went to other shops. We went to this one shop where everything is $14.99 or under! I love those kinds of stores. They have t-shirts and sweatshirts and sweatpants and jackets. They have so many articles of clothing in those stores. I ended up getting a yellow jacket/windbreaker thing. It's cute. We left the village after we had shopped around a few hours and we came home and ate lunch. Isabelle wanted to go to the park, so we took an uphill bike ride to the parl. It was raining at the park, so our bikes got all wet and so did we. Isabelle played on the play structures and raelyn got hit in the face with the swings. Aunt Shawna put Raelyn in the baby swing and I made her laugh and took some pictures. We played for maybe 40 minutes and rode our bikes back home. Grandma and grandpa made dinner and we all were hanging out. We had grilled pork chops, canned corn and rice for dinner with some chopped up water melon. It was a good dinner! :) now we are all just relaxing. I am kinda tired, but ready to make my tea. I am still gonna make tea and I am gonna blog the picture! :) on my tumblr and instagram and twitter! I made three collages of photos from today! There were lots of events and fun things! So here they are, they are labeled and everything!


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