Photo A Day/Sunriver Day 5! 6/27/12! Summer!

Today was great! This morning, we woke up and got ready, and went to the village for a late breakfast at Hot Lava Bakery for doughnuts. Aunt Shawna, Uncle Rob and the girls left today. :( but! That means longer bike rides! Which we went on! We went on a 13 mile bike ride all through out Sunriver! It was so nice! We went to the Marina and saw the river, and Mt. Bachelor. So pretty. After our long bike ride, we went home and ordered pizza. I drove to go and get it. I did great! I was just on unfamiliar road. We got back hom, ate and then got ready to go to the lodge. We drove to the lodge and walked toward the air port. We heard the cyotes and they were howling loud! Near the cyotes, there was a field of horses! Oh I love horses! They came right up to the fence and we petted them and loved on them. I took so many pictures! They are really popular and instagram and tumblr. It was great! One brown horse loved me. He was so sweet. I took so many pictures! So pretty. We walked on and saw the wild irises again. They say they are poisenous... Hmmm... Haha. After that, we walked back and walked through the lodge and great hall! It's so great, like really! Beautiful buildings and inside. It was a great day! A really great day!