Photo A Day! Summer! And Sunriver! 6/28/12

Today was busy busy! Well, a good busy busy. We woke up and got ready, and high tailed it to the Sunriver Stables to ride horses. I rode Isabelle, she looked to be an older horse. Yes... Her name is Isabelle... Same as my little cousin... Yes. She was a good horse. There was a very talkative little girl on the ride and the wranglers were super nice! And they were pretty princesses... That sounds so little girlish... But that isn't true. They were all very cute and country girl like. Haha. They were very nice! The hour ride was good, some dusty though. It felt like dust was building up in my eye. I put some eye drops in my eye and all better! After that, we came home and ate lunch, and got ready to go on a big bike ride, and a big long bike ride we did! We rode 20.41 miles all around Sunriver and Caldera Springs. I don't really like Caldera Springs, yes it is new and it is still developing, but still... It's empty and lots of trees and I feel like a stranger there. I don't feel welcome there. But when I crossed the border and back into Sunriver, I felt at home, I felt welcome! Sunriver is my home away from home! I love it here. After our very long bike ride, (which i got some sun from...) we came home and got cleaned up a little bit. We decided to go out to dinner, to The Village Bar and Grill in Sunriver Village. Oh best burgers! So good! Everything was wonderful! After dinner, we walked around the village a little bit, to digest and then we went to Goody's ice cream parlour! That place is delightful. I had my mouth all set for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, that is their most popular flavor and they were all out!!! I was so sad, but I got coffee bean flavor in a sugar cone. It was perfect! We went home and I packed up my stuff because we are leaving Sunriver tomorrow! :( I am happy to get home though and have fancy blog posts. Blogging from an iPhone is not fancy, but it blogs! And it helps! Haha. Today was a fabulous last day in Sunriver! There were some moments... But for the most part, it was lovely!


  1. Your Sunriver vacation sounds like a lot of fun! We just got back from a mini vacation to Seaside and Astoria- vacations are nice. :) Love all of your picture collages,and the horse ride sounds like fun. Sounds like there are a lot of great places to visit around Sunriver- how fun!!


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